Distribution of music

Distribution of music

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The remaining major record companies are now responsible for Music video distribution in the United Kingdom. Sony/Bmg Emi, and Universal. Some sub distributors also manage sales, manufacturing, and coordination of music sales and distribution.

There were many independent record distributors in Britain before the advent of the internet. Unfortunately, they all have disappeared as the new business model for record distribution will not work.

Despite the decline in music CD sales, there are still many outlets selling them. Album sales are still in high demand.

All singles are now digitally downloadable

Amazon Play and HMV remain big players in the physical distribution of music in the UK, with iTunes dominating digital downloads.

Everybody, including the Beatles, is going digital. The Beatles albums are now available on iTunes today. Individual tracks can chart in the iTunes chart.

Artists and labels can now release singles at a lower cost because there are no manufacturing costs. Digital distribution is also much more affordable than physical distribution.