Plato's wardrobe location

Plato's wardrobe location

At Plato's Closet, we buy and sell gently used clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories for guys and girls in their teens and twenties.

This is a general list of platos closet locations, along with a view that connects Plato's wardrobe, a special place to swap for soft branded clothes for young and incomprehensible sizes. They pay attention to style and focus their experience on keeping their wallets fresh and meaningful. Plato's dressing room in Gainesville, FL provides a great opportunity to own a very profitable and highly profitable business with significant downsides to final growth. Since the beginning of 2004, this place has always been the highest artist in the district and country.

Plato's wardrobe has been ranked first for retail license fees between $150,000 and $500,000 for Forbes magazine for the past two years and is 1 in the 500-year business licensing group. The nationwide distribution system in more than 450 branches is just under 1 million US dollars. The working and selling model of this brand is amazing.

As a traditional leader in youth exchange, Plato's Closet offers to use branded clothing and accessories for girls and boys at retail prices.

Gainsville Market Highlights:

* This is an intra-brand exchange. No warehouse other than Plato's Closet 40 miles away.

* It is home to the University of Florida with 43,357 students (sixth largest university campus in the United States) and Santa Fe College with 17,000 students

* Find it near several high schools and high schools.

* It is the center and financial center of north central Florida, serving 14 counties and 1.4 million people.

* Alachua County has a population of 260,000 with a growth of more than 5% over the last 5 years.

* Average life expectancy is 25 years

* In two hours you can operate from three major markets - Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

If you are looking for a successful and profitable job with growth opportunities, a reputable work group and a proven brand, Plato's Closet Gainesville is for you!