The place of the clothing mentor

The place of the clothing mentor

Clothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories for up to 70% off of original retail prices.

You no longer have to wait for a sale. At clothes mentor locations, you can buy the brands you like with discounts of up to 70% for one minute. This type of use is available in our warehouse on a daily basis. Every day at our shop we give CASH on the spot just above the sign to buy fashion accessories and accessories that you use.

In our wardrobe, we do not value the highest morality, but we do have environmental ethics. We believe in the right fashion and support our urban group. Our goal is to motivate you to live differently and communicate in a way that protects our employees.

An apparel mentoring website is on its way from Oyster Point Plaza to the Newport News mall to the brand that closes its sister Patrick Henry's mall near Applebee and The Melting Pot.

On October 16, 2012, the Clothing Mentor Order opened to get rid of the slightly worn women's clothing brand, Armed Forces Tracy Bunn and her twin sister Lori Bun Junky, both of whom have grown up on Newport News. With that, the stock filled the fifth week of the ceremony with the smallest seats on Jefferson Ave. Unlock 10 A: M Fridays and 306 Oyster Point Road on Sundays.

"It looks like a bigger place for the term," said Powers.

The twins are expanding their kids' clothing exchange Once Upon a Childbaby in Jefferson Green, which will go on sale centrally in 2010. And this place looks like it has more permits.

Strength says:

. In addition, Jefferson Green has a cupboard from Plato's wardrobe where student stamps are exchanged so the three stores can unpack clothes, he said.

A central location close to a shopping center is also suitable for clothing buyers, said warehouse worker Aminda Bob. With brands that transfer stock at various discounts, Mentor Clothing is like a one-stop shop, says Bob.

The Mentors Clothes Mentor brand is the same size at 3,200 square feet and consumers have less practice to get rid of their desire to bet money, says Powers.

The Mentor Outfit Program will keep you updated throughout Friday and Saturday and calculate price items available at retailers and restaurants nearby, Powers said.

The hours of work for the dress mentors were the same. 10 A: M to 8 P: M Monday between Saturday from 12 to 18 P: M Sunday.

We are constantly checking our stock and giving you money just above face value to buy your mark on your grater, soft used designs and attachments. Like a delivery shop where you can stay for weeks or even forever to raise money, we differ in that we reward you locally for all the things we deserve.


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Place it between clothes and accessories so you don't have to worry about it for a long time. We believe that today's record is similar to, or in a "slightly filled" state, the current record. In terms of style, we are looking for the latest trends for women aged 0-26 years, baby hoods and the elderly in selected seats as dress guides. In short, our customers expect the best and we will buy from you.

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Our buyers analyze your item based on your style, country name and preferences. As we prepare reruns of your article, we evaluate what our computer system uses for pauses. Join this with you. We accept your acknowledgment to initiate a purchased procedure with certain competencies.