Landscaping around the Swimming Pool

Landscaping around the Swimming Pool

You have to keep in mind several interesting challenges when landscaping around your swimming pool. You need to consider the cleanliness of the plants, grasses

To create your oasis around the pool, you need to choose some lush plantings with vibrant colors--not just run of the mill plants. You also want to make sure they don't drop a lot of leaves or other matter into the swimming pool. The plant litter can cost you a lot of valuable time because you would need to skim the pool constantly to keep it clean and keep the chemicals in balance. You can choose from tons of plant varieties that are both litter free and a wonder to look at.

Do Your Research

Keep in mind that the plants you choose for around your swimming pool need to have a certain criteria that is different from just regular landscaping. If you have a heated pool, it can raise the humidity levels and intensify sunlight from the sun reflecting off the concrete or rocks around your pool. This can actually fry some landscaping that is nearby. Another item to think of is that the plants near the swimming pool are likely to be splashed with chlorine and other pool and spa chemicals. Keeping all of these items in mind will help you to choose perfect plantings for your pool from the lists below.

Poolside Trees Considerations

Make certain that the trees you choose have a small amount of leaf drop to help keep your pool clean. The root system should be shallow because if the roots will go deep into the soil, it can get into the plumbing below and also cause cracks in your concrete. Determine if the tree can be container grown or if it must be grown in the ground. If a poolside tree can be grown in a large container with wheels on it, you can move it to follow the sun or get away from he sun easily until you find the perfect spot for it. Rolling containers also allow you to move the tree away from splashing water. You should also ask yourself if the tree would match the theme of your home and your living space. Some great outdoor pool themes are tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean and dessert oasis. Also, find out if the tree will get so large that it will block a view when it is mature.

The Best Poolside Trees

Palm trees are great specimen plants around a swimming pool. They are considered a tropical or sub-tropical theme. Their roots tend to grow straight down into the ground so they are appropriate to plant farther away from his edge of the pool. They have a narrow spreading habit, because they grow upward so they won't take up horizontal space. You can plant palm trees in a group or cluster to make an ideal privacy screen around your pool. Some of the best varieties for around a swimming pool include Sabal palm, Queen's palm, Sago palm, Cane palm, Windmill palm and Mediterranean fan palm.

Citrus trees are a wonderful site around a swimming pool and they can provide afternoon snacks of healthy food for the swimmers or loungers. The key to citrus trees is to make certain it says "Dwarf" on the tag. This allows you to plant them in large containers with wheels to move, as you need to. In addition, you can plant them in the ground in small areas that they won't outgrow. Some great fruit tree options include Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Kumquat and Grapefruit trees.

Banana trees are actually classified as an herb, but it looks like a tree. Banana trees have soft, thick stems and it spreads by suckers at the bottom of the trunk as well as underground roots to form clumps that are 6 to 10 feet wide. It has the large, broad leaves that give it that tropical appearance as if you are in Hawaii. However, the leaves can be easily torn by high winds. Therefore, banana trees should be near a fence or wall to block some of the wind and they should not be near the edge of the pool.

Japanese maples are a great choice. They are native to Japan and Korea and are considered both a tree and a shrub, depending on how they are kept. They can reach heights beyond 20 feet tall, so they require an open space. These are some of the most admired trees because in the fall they produce amazing gold, purple and bronze leaves that are delicate and airy in shape.

Palo Verde trees are drought tolerant. This makes them a great match for dry areas that usually have a backyard swimming pool. The trees have green bark and the branches and leaves look like soft, flowing willow trees with beautiful spring blossoms.

Best succulents for Poolside Purposes

Succulents are perfect for landscaping around your swimming pool as they take little care and are drought tolerant. They are come in many shapes, colors and sizes, however, make certain the varieties you chose don't have spines, thorns or needles. Children running around the swimming pool don't mix well with these types of plants. The best succulents for pool landscaping include Aeonium, Agave attenuata, Aptenia cordifolia, Cotyledon, Crassula, Dudleya, Kalancho, Sedum, Sempervivum and Senecio.

Best Ornamental Grasses Near the Pool

Ornamental grasses are very low maintenance and they are visually striking near the edge of a pool as they delicately lean over the pool edge. These are not regular grass, but ornamentals include sedges, rushes and bamboo, which you would think of as growing wild around a pond, lake or river edge. Some of the best ornamental grasses to plant near your swimming pool include Yellow foxtail grass, Giant reed, Bamboo, Lemongrass, Fescue, Fountain grass, Japanese blood grass, Feather grass, Rush, Korean grass and Zebra grass.

Best Vines to Plant Near Your Pool

Vines can climb up your walls or weave their way through fences and trellises around your swimming pool. Most grow very quickly with little maintenance and they can form a privacy screen when planted at the base of any type of fence or trellis. You can also use them as a natural roof--if you will when you plant them to cover an arbor or pergola. This gives your family and guests a beautiful, natural area to sit and rest out of the sun. The best vines to plant poolside include Passionflower, Carolina Jessamine, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Trumpet vine and Lady Banks rose. All of these have dazzling flowers in the spring in different colors and they attract butterflies for an extra flurry of motion in your backyard.

Container Plants for the Pool

This is perhaps the easiest landscaping project around your swimming pool. You can arrange beautiful plants in containers as long as all of the plants have similar care requirements. You can move them around and change the landscape whenever you would like a change, depending on the time of year or occasion. Using containers makes it easy to add new container plants at any time. You can start with one type and then add in others until you arrive at the arrangement that pleases you most. Choose hardy plants that satisfy the thriller, filler and spiller design technique. This design includes thriller as in color with dazzling flowers. The filler refers to filling the pots so no soil is seen in the pot and the spiller effect is for plants that overhang the edges of the pot.

Bring on the Sweet Scents

Nothing is more comforting and fascinating that the lovely fragrance of nature itself around your pool. Choose sweet-scented vines, shrubs and trees to plant near the pool, on a patio in containers, alongside of a path or in hanging baskets or in all of these places. Many sweet scented plants become even more fragrant in the evening to be a welcome addition to your outdoor space when dining al fresco.

You can choose a particular theme and find plants, shrubs, flowers, trees and vines that all are in the same decor scheme to place around your pool. Alternatively, you may choose to mix match several items in a whimsical manner to make your backyard oasis truly your own creation.