Jignesh Barasara- Let's rock the Business Entrepreneurship

Jignesh Barasara- Let's rock the Business Entrepreneurship

The major components that shape the execution of an idea are passion, belief and risk-taking ability. Do more of what you are passionate about, for eg. Try conv

When it comes to understanding the whereabouts of business entrepreneurship, who better than Jignesh Barasara, can be your guiding light. He is one of the top-notch business entrepreneurs in the industry. Based out of Mumbai,

Maharashtra, he is CEO of an organization named Alpha MD and runs an NGO named ‘Heed India’ which aims to strengthen the kids via education and sports. His vision and ideology about how to be a successful business entrepreneur is eye-opening and can help you lead your business in the global market. As per him, you have crossed the first milestone of being a successful business entrepreneur, if you can easily draw a layout of your business on a single paper, and explain it in the easiest possible way to others.

What is Entrepreneurship?

The term ‘Entrepreneurship’ encompasses everything from shaping an idea to laying the foundation of the organization and paying the salary of the employees. A successful business entrepreneur would always have a will towards global success. He will always encompass a spirit of independence and learning. Jignesh Barasara has described the entire process of entrepreneurship into four major components which are further co-related to each other, they are as follows:-

● Self- Evaluation

● Managing different aspects of business

● Recognizing opportunities

● Re-evaluating to accommodate the change.

Entrepreneurship is not only executing an idea to accomplish a profit, but it's also a way to create opportunities to provide employment and hence adds to the economy of a nation. People would ask if entrepreneurship can be taught? Well, the answer is simple, if you have the idea and the will to bring change with your invention and you have the willingness to take risks, then yes the ways to inculcate the qualities of a successful entrepreneur can be taught.


Gun powder, printing press and first paper were the first few business inventions. During the 1500- 1800 era, the Dutch East India Company and British East India Company began to expand their global trading empires by exchanging goods, the tea business alone flourished and changed the picture of the global market. By the onset of the 1700s, the Industrial Revolution was on its way. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, the face of entrepreneurship has changed after every 50 years.

How to Find Great Ideas:-

Most people at times may say that in this era, where almost everything has been discovered/invented in the world, what can we bring to the table. Well, there are a few very basic tricks shared by Jignesh Barasara, that you can adhere to get the best ideas in your mind and then to the rest of the world.

● Know what you are looking for, for ideas are everywhere you go.

● Try to figure out the frustration and unmet needs in between the existing business and your surroundings.

● Start with yourself, analyse what you don’t like in your daily regime and try to find a solution to it.

● Carry a notepad and a pen along, wherever you go.

● Train your mind to run through your daily surroundings and make a note of the ideas.

● Discover your ‘Eureka’ moment.

What Next After Idea?

Entrepreneurs are not some special set of superhuman beings blessed with an IQ of 500 or sent with a brain full of great ideas. The only key here is to believe in yourself when others do not. Believe in giving life to your ideas and be willing to take calculated risks.

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