The heartache of being homesick

The heartache of being homesick

Travelling the world is an awesome adventure that I wouldn't trade in for anything, but being homesick can be heartbreaking somedays.

We all have those days...the ones that start off terrible from the moment you wake until the moment you go back to bed. Being in a different country or travelling the world doesn't necessarily change that. I am happy to say that those kinds of days happen a lot less frequently when you are in a tropical country during an EPIC world travel adventure, but they do happen.

When you have a bad day in your travels, all you can think of is "HOME".

Take this week for instance. I woke up feeling a little out of sorts about all the transitions that we have gone through as a family over the last few weeks and months. I was feeling a little homesick to see family and friends and have them close. Then I fell while going up the stairs and knocked my knee pretty good and bruised a tendon. So for the rest of the day I was laid up in bed thinking...and that can be a dangerous thing when you're feeling a bit down and have gone through all that we have.

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Many people assume that living on a tropical island must mean that things are perfect, life is perfect and we are living like we are on vacation all of the time. This is so not true! What is true is that we are living a much simpler, easier, laid back life, but we still have the stress of the everyday, and being away from the comforts of "home" can make this difficult at times.

So obviously one of the issues that we are all dealing with as a family, is feeling homesick from time to time.

While we are fortunate to have my parents living here in Cozumel and we have made some great friends, it is not the same as being "home". Being surrounded by the comforts of the people, places and things we know best. It has been an adjustment for us all, and of course, we don't all feel it at the exact same moment or for the exact same things. Each of us has different things we long for, and even though on the top of our list is family, friends, Bruiser (dog) and Asia (cat), we all experience the emotions behind each of these differently.

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Asia and Bruiser, xoxo

Think about when you go on much as you love the time away, the experiences had and the memories made, it is always nice to come "home", right? Getting back to what you are used to, your routine. Over the last 3-4 months we have had 4 different places to call "home", and just as we start to settle into one, we pick up and move to another. I know that many families do this on a regular basis, but for us it is all brand new.

For us this is not about taking an extended vacation, but about exploring different ways of life to find what will best suit our family, and each place we go is our "home", for now.

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The good thing about feeling "homesick" in another country in 2016 is all the technology at our fingertips. We can pick up our computers or our phones and call or see anyone we want at the drop of a hat. Being able to keep in touch through the internet has made feeling homesick a lot more bearable.

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