The Fit & Fab Michelle Latocha

The Fit & Fab Michelle Latocha

With such a strong passion for her family, fitness, and helping others, no wonder Michelle created BALB and her community continues to grow!

Everyone of us, whether we know it yet or not has a passion, a drive, something we're good or even great at, and for Michelle Latocha it's motivating and inspiring others to Be Active Live Better!

I sat down and got the chance to know a bit more about Michelle, her family and BALB, and here's what she had to say.

1. Describe to me who Michelle Latocha is and how she got led down the path to health and fitness?

Being active was something I became really passionate about in my early teens when I struggled with body image. I always participated in sports teams but continually struggled with weight. It wasn’t until my high school offered a “superfit” class that my love for fitness grew into a passion. I loved everything about different fitness genres and workouts and looked into our local YMCA and registered for my first Fitness Certificate Course at the age of 16! I just knew this was for me and after 15 years my passion keeps growing.

2.  You are the Owner and PRO trainer of Be Active Live Better (BALB), when did you start this business and why?

Be Active Live Better was officially born on June 26, 2013! It is my third baby and my love for helping others continually grows. After the birth of my two boys who are now six and five, I did not want to go back to my co-ordinating position in a big box gym. I wanted to connect with each person and build relationships with all my members. So I decided I would take all my knowledge and experience throughout the years and launch my own Fitness and Lifestyle Company. I started small with a couple classes a week but within my first year, I rented out space at a dance studio and started running classes every night. I was outgrowing my classes after year two and decided it was time to purchase my own space and make it my own!! I have been in my studio for two years and it has been amazing. We have grown and brought on seven instructors and two trainers and we keep expanding. BALB is now a young child and the future looks bright!
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Be Active Live Better

3. What type of classes or programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes such as indoor cycling, bootcamps, weights, curcuits, Zumba, yoga, salsa, and baby & mom. Our goal is to keep adding classes every few months so there is always variety and no chance of getting bored! We also offer individual and group training for those looking to take their fitness to the next level or simply enjoy the one on one attention.

4. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone starting their health and fitness journey?

The best piece of advice is “NEVER GIVE UP!” Keeping focused on the journey rather than the outcome is a big mental shift for people. No number, inch, or diet plan can replace happiness and when you are in it for the right reasons, i.e. improving your lifestyle, then you will reap every benefit you sow.

5. You're a mother of 2 boys, how do you balance being an entrepreneur and a mother?

My boys are a big reason why I started this business. I wanted to show them that being active is a part of our lifestyle and how following your passion creates happiness. I always try and include them-whether that’s greeting members at the door when they come for another instructors class, cleaning the studio, planning circuits-I want them to be involved. Having your own business is trying at times when you have a young family but the PROs outweigh the CONs and I hope my boys will recognize that when they are older.
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Michelle and Her Beautiful Family

6. How did you become a HG coach?

Well… I was introduced to USANA through a friend and I liked the ingredients in their products. I wanted something for my boys, husband and I so I tried it for two months. My boys LOVED the Usanimals and I noticed they were not getting sick during the winter months so I was hooked. My husband and I take the CellSentials and feel great so why stop a good thing!

7. Why is supplementing so important to you personally and also to have partnered it with your business?

Supplementing in my profession is particularly important because of all the physical stress I put on my body. I need minerals to help me support my active lifestyle and be the best I can be. I am an open book and my members know what I am taking and what I trust for my family. So yes, I recommend USANA to anyone looking for optimal supplement support.

8.  Where do you see Michelle in 5 years?

Michelle in five years is promoting fitness and health on a larger scale. I would love to dive more into public speaking and offering lifestyle coaching. I will always have a love for teaching fitness classes so pairing that with speaking engagements would be fantastic!

9. Where do you see BALB?

BALB is continually growing and in five years I hope to have double the instructors and trainers and possibly expanding the studio. Lots of people need motivation to get active and this is my passion. You cannot put a limit to passion…when you love something it just grows!!
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Be Active Live Better

If you want to know more about Michelle or BALB, email her at or visit her website and FB page for more great info.