Introducing the Amazing Leanne Jacobs

Introducing the Amazing Leanne Jacobs

I sat down with Leanne Jacobs, the beautiful & talented genius behind Healthy Girl, and here's what she had to say about the road to her abundant success!

Who is Leanne Jacobs?

To many she is an uber successful, beautiful, talented, creative and inspiring entrepreneur, who's has dedicated over a decade of her life to helping others reach their health and wealth goals. She is a published author of "Beautiful Money", as well as being a mother of 4 gorgeous children, 1 daughter and 3 sons and wife to an equally talented husband.

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Beautiful Money

I sat down with Leanne and asked her a few questions about life, family, and her career, then and now and here is what she had to say:

Tell me about Leanne in her late teens, early 20's, what was she all about?

I have always been a seeker and a traveler. Since I was a kid, I have been drawn to live outside my comfort zone and explore the world expand on possibilities. My desire is to wake up each morning being light, spreading light and living light.

What inspired you to create Healthy Girl?

I felt deeply + intuitively that I needed a creative outlet to share my favourite wellness resources and tools. Healthy Girl began as a newsletter over 10 years ago and has evolved into a global wellness community + mastermind. My heart is full.

Tell us a little more about Healthy Girl? Where do you see it going in the next year? 3 years?

HealthyGirl is a global community + mastermind for women in wellness. I craved a community of like-minded women who were as passionate about shining bright and healthy light into the world as I was- so I created it. Divine timing is everything and over the past year, the community has experienced beautiful momentum and growth. Over the next three years, we will continue to shine our light and vibe high! We will continue to serve and mentor globally.

Who are your top 3 coaches/mentors?

Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Jim Rohn and Pema Chodron would be right up there!

What 3 words describe Leanne best at 40 and fabulous?

  • Strong
  • Aligned
  • Free

What would your top advice be for new entrepreneurs?

Find authentic and graceful mentors who believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Fill your life with kind, authentic, loving and conscious people who are living out their dreams. Get extra extra clear on your vision and commit to it with every cell of your body. Then just walk it out- don't let minor things trip you up.

Tell the readers about your beautiful family?

Ric is my absolute soul mate. He is the most evolved human I know. He is my ground and my greatest support. We just flow well together. We are both deeply committed to serving on a global level which takes great commitment and courage (and a very strong relationship).We compliment each other very well. My beautiful stepdaughter (Kya) is full of life and is a natural yogi! My three little men bring tears to my eyes with their personalities and bright light.

What keeps you grounded? What makes you happiest?

Yoga, walking and running keeps me grounded. I also juice daily and take more supplements than most. I drink green tea and take regular salt baths. I have clear boundaries and focus on my wellbeing + truth (vs. pleasing the masses). I trust in my divine plan and purpose. I don't mess with universal intelligence. I get the most joy from the simplicities in life. My family is my greatest joy and my sacred ground.

Define "success" according to Leanne.

Living in truth and harmony. Experience inner peace. Living in alignment and flow. Having the ability to feel fear but not let it hook you in your life.

Last question - How do you build your balance?

Prioritizing is one of my greatest strengths. I quickly filter the most important from the less important. I am also really good at infusing leverage into all areas of my life.

WOW, what an inspiration! Thank you Leanne, for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself.

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Leanne Jacobs

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