Traveling healthy was harder the second time

Traveling healthy was harder the second time

Just returning back from a 6-month travel adventure with my family that has fed my mind and soul, now it's time to re-focus on feeding my body well.

When I began this EPIC journey of travel with my family 6 months ago, I had a grand picture in my mind of how things were going to go.

  • 6 a.m. - wake up jump out of bed and do yoga and meditation at sunrise, with my family and my lemon water by my side
  • 7 a.m. - make a beautiful healthy shake and delicious spinach scrambled eggs with the family, and we'd all be happy, energized and laughing
  • 8 a.m. - get our school work and business work completed harmoniously, with no interruptions
  • 12 noon - whip up a well balanced lunch together before heading out on our chosen adventure for the day
  • 1 p.m. - spend the day, snorkelling, sight seeing, exploring and still laughing and enjoying our time together
  • 5 p.m. - at home again preparing a wonderful meal
  • 7 p.m. - after the clean up was done, we'd sit as a family and play games and continue to enjoy each others one complaining, no one unhappy, a kumbaya moment so to speak
  • 10 p.m. - in bed for a great night sleep and then start it all over again
Cozumel, body, mind, soul

The incredible view during my morning jogs

Seriously this is how I saw our lives actually going!!! What was I thinking?!?

Even though this may have been the case for a couple of the days, minus the early morning yoga as a family, it certainly was not the norm.  It was great for me to have lofty dreams and wishes of total peace and harmony, but trying to force the issue of this "perfect" schedule was a battle I gave up on quickly.

I won't go into the details of how the days truly went, but let me just say they were nothing like this. It took us about a month to get into our groove while we were in Mexico, and we did find a routine that worked well for us all and we left a lot up to how and what we felt like doing each day. We were lucky in the fact that we stayed in the same house for 13 weeks and were able to feel somewhat settled by week 4.

We ate fresh local homemade food 90% of the time, we worked out physically every day, we were able to keep up our healthy and balanced lifestyle for the most part.  Even though we didn't stick to my original schedule, we felt good when we made our way home for Christmas, in mind, body and soul.

healthy, meals, balanced

One of our favourites, made by Rhys - His Twist on Rice and Beans

This was not the case when we hit the New Zealand and Australia leg of our trip.

We were super excited about this half of the trip. It was a place we'd never been, a place we'd always dreamt of and it was literally half a world away!

Let me just start by saying it was by far one of my most favourite places on earth, even though it was a whirlwind trip. We were lucky to have friends to stay with and had landed some housesitting jobs, which kept our costs low. In comparison to Cozumel, I like to make people aware of the cost difference by saying;

"What we spent for the plane tickets to get to and from NZ/AUS, was almost the same budget we spent for the entire 3 months in Cozumel, including flights, rent, food and entertainment...crazy, right!?!"

Living out of our suitcases was first. Of course traveling around to different places, meeting different people and enjoying all that these beautiful countries had to offer was fantastic and nourished our minds and souls. What is didn't nourish was our bodies. For short snippets, we managed a routine of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. But for the most part, we struggled to eat well, moving from kitchen to kitchen with different tools and equipment, unfamiliar grocery stores and hectic travel schedules. We did our best to choose well, but unfortunately quick and convenient did take precedence. We did stay away from "fast food" thankfully, we were never that desperate or rushed. Vanilla Lattes, however, became a delicious staple of mine, as there was a coffee shop every third store, and the coffee while expensive, was absolutely fabulous.

coffee, new zealand

I love to travel and hope to spend the rest of my life, exploring all the beauty that the world has to offer with my family by my side.

We have learned so much and gained such a unique perspective on what we value as a family, as parents, and as individuals. One of the most important lessons we learned along the way was that we always need to be consciously working on building and maintaining our balance with our health, happiness, and family because no matter where life takes us, without each of these key elements we will never be truly fulfilled.

We don't know where the next adventure will take us, but what we do know is our lives will never be the same.

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