A Simple Lesson in Energy from the Trees

A Simple Lesson in Energy from the Trees

A simple lesson in energy that the Trees would like to share with the World

I have been fortunate to live my life close to Nature, and in doing so have found that Nature speaks.

It is in a language that must be heard with the heart and imagination, and interpreted with the wisdom of our soul.

Nature has many helpful lessons for humanity, and most recently, it has been the Trees who have shared their simple observation with me regarding people and their use/misuse of their own energy.

As I was sitting beneath my Maple trees in my yard, my awareness was flooded with images and gentle words.

It became clear to me how the Trees notice that so many people are completely unaware of what they are "putting out there" and receiving within their energy bodies on a daily, moment to moment basis.

They have also noticed how there are so many stimulations in our modern world that are literally "clogging" our energy bodies.

Everything is energy.  Everything we can see, hear, sense, and touch.  Our bodies, words, and even our thoughts are a measurable form of energy as well.  And the law of energy is that energy attracts other energy of the same vibration.

So essentially, what you are putting "out there" is what you will receive.

The Trees see energy as flowing in pathways.  These pathways are of various sizes and strengths, depending on the amount of energy that it is being fed with.

They resembled branches, much like a tree, reaching out from our bodies.

So if we are caught up in a negative thought, then we are feeding that pathway and giving it strength.  This pathway can start out as a stream and soon become a river.

Likewise with positive energy pathways.

What we focus on is what we give our energy to and is what we create within our lives.

Emotions create powerful pathways, and emotions can heal pathways as well.  Forgiveness of ourselves and others is the fastest way to dissolve a pathway that is draining our energy.

Nature offers healing for us as well, which is why we often feel recharged and in better spirits after spending time outside in our yards or going for a walk in a park.

Enjoying a soothing bath or shower can also help clear our energy bodies from the stresses and stimulations of busy life, as well as meditation and mindful time spent alone.

Resist the temptation to become distracted.  Ignore emails and Facebook for a while.  We do not have to be constantly moving and busy.

Simply being aware of energy and what we are feeding will help us be aware and live more calm, balanced lives.

Spend time with a Tree, notice it as you pass by and say "thank you."  Feel your energy balance.

Quantum physics has proven that when we observe something, we change the way it behaves.  This is how Nature communication works.  Change the way you look at it, and it will change the way it looks at you.

Take responsibility for your energy, and open yourself to the wisdom and the loving energy of Nature.