Entrepreneur - My 20 Year Journey

Entrepreneur - My 20 Year Journey

I love sales. My first job in high school was selling plants at Rodgers Greenhouse. Meeting people, helping them make decisions to buy.

What is your entrepreneurial business?

Sunset Gourmet Food -

What did you do prior to your current work?

20 years at home mom CEO, Owned business temporary secretary Toronto

Was there one event that made you decide to make this change?

Goals, Dreams - Credit card debt - future travelling - Africa 2019

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur or part of a smaller business?

Helping people decide "What's for Dinner?"  Love building business relationships and supporting one another.

How did your previous work prepare you for your current adventure?

Selling for 20 years. Building my clientele.

What is one piece of advice you could give someone starting a small business?

Educate, learn, network - Invest in YOU!

What is one challenge you have in your current environment?

Time management