Pylon Signs – The Beginner’s Guide

Pylon Signs – The Beginner’s Guide

It’s time to raise the bar and get seen with a pylon sign for your business. Often viewed from roadways and interstates out the car window are signs that rise a

It’s time to raise the bar and get seen with a pylon sign for your business. Often viewed from roadways and interstates out the car window are signs that rise above the shopping mall and plazas. These towering signs are known as pylon signs, and they are the golden standard for most businesses, such as churches, restaurants, medical facilities, and even apartment complexes. Pylon signage helps you standout from the competition by maximizing your advertising efforts and brand recognition.

If you think that a pylon sign is right for your business, you should always do some research first. Luckily, you have come to the best place to get more information on pylon signs and how this type of signage can benefit you and your business.

Here is everything you need to know about pylon signs.

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs, also known as pole or freestanding signs, are well known in the sign industry. Simply put, pylon signs are outdoor signage that is usually mounted on single or double poles. Pylon signs can be one-sided or double-sided, depending on the direction the sign will be facing. You may also see pylon signs that are illuminated or have other elements, like LED message center.

A single business will often have pylon signs that feature a single lightbox with the company’s name and brand logo on display. Pylon signs that are found at shopping centers or malls will have several lightboxes built into the sign, and the base is often similar to the overall architecture of the plaza. These signs might have brick, stone, or metal elements.

Now, what about monument signs? Are those the same as pylon signs? The simple answer is no. Pylon signs and monument signs can be made into a hybrid, but they are not the same. Monument signs are generally no taller than a grown adult, topping at around five foot tall. Meanwhile, pylon signs tower above everything else.

What Makes A Pylon Sign?

Whenever a pylon sign is fabricated, it is constructed to the highest standards in the industry, especially if you choose Tupp Signs. To increase the durability and strength of the sign, most parts are made with aluminum coverings that are welded to a steel frame. Larger sections of metal are reinforced to prevent any oil-canning—also known as the uneven flow of metal on the surface of thin gauge metal product. This ensures your sign looks amazing for many years.

Furthermore, the structural steel within the sign is painted separately from the skins to prevent the occurrence of rusting later on. Pylon signs can also be constructed with real or artificial masonry elements, such as brick, stucco, stone, and more.

The graphics on the acrylic or polycarbonate faces of the signs are usually computer generated to increase the precision and appeal. The plastics used are highly UV-resistant so the color doesn’t fade. Additionally, you can expect the sign faces to remain clean and use technologies that make them shine brighter and longer and more efficiently throughout the days.

What Are The Different Types of Pylon Signs?

There are several types of pylon signs due to mounting styles that can be custom-made to fit into your brand image and marketing strategy. Let’s have a look:

  • Single-pole mount: The classic design for pylon signs. Single-pole mounts are economical, monolithic, and can help you make a statement from near or far. The single-pole looks exactly as it sounds—a metal pole extends upward from the ground to secure the sign, which can be single- or double-sided, illuminated or unlit, depending on your preferences.
  • Twin-pole mount: Another common structure for pylon signs would be the twin-pole mount, which looks similar to a single-pole design but provides greater stability and rigidity, since the sign is mounted on two posts rather than just one. Twin-pole mounts are best used with larger signs
  • Covered-pole mount: Don’t like seeing an exposed metal pole? A covered pole adds some creativity to the main support for the sign, such as brick and mortar. The cover can even be personalized to fit your brand and business image.
  • Customized lightbox pylon signs: If you want to increase the visibility of your pylon sign throughout the day and night, then you can get an internally lit lightbox pylon. This type of pole sign can contain a single light or multiple lightboxes to fit your needs. Oftentimes, you see this variety at shopping malls or plazas. You will see numerous logos for the retailer brands at the shopping center on display.

How Are Pylon Signs Illuminated?

The best pylon signs are illuminated. Some of the pole signs are internally illuminated or use an LED module to transform the pylon sign into a 24-hour information station. Not only this an eco-friendly solution, it is also highly cost effective. After all, the pylon sign will be operating around the clock. You can also add light sensors to the lightbox to switch off the internal lights.

Others choose to use in-ground spotlights on the sign, especially if they do not have an LED message board affixed to the pylon sign.

Common Applications of Pylon Signs

Depending on the sign codes of your area, you might be required to install a pylon sign or something else. Yes, you cannot always decide for yourself what sign is best. However, when you take things into consideration, such as the focal point of the passing traffic, your distance from the road, square footage of your property, proximity to power lines, among other things, you might find that you can use pylon signs to your advantage.

One of the main reasons businesses select pylon signs is for the astounding level of visibility. Because pylon signs can rise above obstructions, they are often used for businesses located around major trafficked areas, like highways, interstates, and bridges. Here are some examples of businesses that use pylon signs:

  • Motels and hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Movie theaters
  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping plazas
  • Industrial warehouses and complexes
  • Business parks
  • Truck stops
  • Malls
  • Car dealerships
  • Gas stations
  • Retail stores

Depending on the business, the way the pylon sign is utilized changes. Just how do businesses use pylon signs, you ask? The way pylon signs are used provides amazing benefits. For example, they can be used in brand strategies, especially when the sign has the full company name and logo.

Pylon signs are highly customizable and can feature elements like light boxes or LED screens to advertise your business. For example, some businesses may display current events or offers, opening times, products or services, and more to attract traffic. Furthermore, a shopping center or plaza or any location with more than a handful of tenants, benefit from pylon signs because the sign can contain numerous panels or name plates.

What Are The Benefits of Pylon Signs?

As you can tell from previous sections, pylon signs are the ideal way to capture attention of potential consumers, because they are freestanding and visible structures. The effectiveness of pylon signs has even been studied. The University of Cincinnati reported that pylon signs can assist with bring more customers to businesses. Metropolitan banking areas, for example, tend to see a significant increase in money transactions when using a pylon sign.

Another study done by the California Sign Association (CSA) looked at 162 fast food restaurants in Southern California to measure the benefits of using pylon signs. The restaurants that had pole signs saw more business than those that used other kinds of signage. The same study also looked at various Pier 1 Imports stores in the same region and found that additional pylon signage increased store revenue. In fact, the case studies saw a 15 percent growth in sales and other transactions when the business used a pylon sign.

Here are some of the benefits that pylon sign design offers:

  • Increased visibility: The height of pylon signs is the main benefit. Your business will be more easy to locate, and it increases the chance of newcomers giving you a chance when they drive by.
  • Cost effective: Since pole signs can be manufactured for more than one business, it is the ideal choice for malls, apartments, and similar locations. With additional features, pylon signs will have a high return of investment (ROI) on both utilities and business profits.
  • Branding opportunity: In modern times, branding is more important than ever. That is why you need a well-designed sign that can be installed at ideal locations to broadcast your business to your target audience. Once they know where you are, they can come back again and again.
  • Customizable: Pylon signs can be made with various materials, advertising elements like LED or digital boxes, and can come in numerous designs.
  • Versatility and durability: Since pole signs do not require anything else for support, these freestanding signs can be used in a number of ways and do not have to stand near the building or business that it is advertising. Because of this pylon signs are taller, wider, and more durable than other kinds of signage. Even if you use decorative shapes and other elements, the materials needed to fabricate pylon signs is resilient and will last for many years.

Popular Ways To Customize Pylon Signs

There are numerous ways to customize pylon signs, starting with the overall design. You can add things to your pylon sign like:

  • LED message boards that offer motorists and pedestrians a chance to see more of what you offer by displaying important information or even things like the ambient temperature and weather, time, and even announcements of what is going on within your business.
  • Decorative accents or masonry elements on the pylon sign will create elegance and sophistication, similar to monument signs—another popular options.
  • Illumination on or around the lightbox, or spotlights focused on the ground and up at the face of the pylon sign, helping others discern the finer details even during the gloomiest of evenings.

Of course, the overall shape and design of the pylon sign can also be customized. You might like more curves instead of angles or want a particular type of font for the top of the sign, where the name of the shopping plaza, for instance, is seen. You might want to increase the size of the fonts or width of the sign, too.

Just keep in mind that if you are partnered with a management company for the property, you will have to follow a set of rules and regulations.

Why Choose Tupp Signs?

Now that you know more about pylon signs, it is time to consider who you are going to hire. Tupp Signs, a technological pioneer in sign manufacturing, is here to help. We have been around since 1928, bringing forth innovations that have revolutionized the signage industry. Let us do the same for your business.

We have a massive fleet of machinery and equipment to make your dream a reality. From computer experts who can create the first blueprints of your new sign to the crane operators and builders who complete the installation, we can do it all in as little time as possible. The best part? It doesn’t matter where you are located. Our services are spread throughout the country.

Our team of sign experts can help you increase brand recognition and get the most out of your marketing efforts by providing complete signage solutions. We take you through the entire process, from the initial consultation, manufacturing of your dream design, and the end installation. We guarantee that you receive top-quality customer service and that your business will optimize your exposure. Whether you are looking for a unique design or a more professional aesthetic for your business property and signage, our 3D acrylic, metal, illuminated, or other signage options can benefit your business.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to take your business to new heights—both literally and figuratively? Pylon signs are the perfect addition to your branding strategy, because they can advertise your business location around the clock and at greater heights than other signage options. With a broad range of customization options, design choices, and technologies to increase visibility and durability, you can get the sign that attracts people from near and far to your location.

Ready to contact us with your questions about pylon signs? Want a quote? Then fill out the contact form to receive more information directly to your inbox.