What Are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Lighted Signs?

What Are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Lighted Signs?

What Are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Lighted Signs?

Any serious business needs to think about visibility. If customers don’t know you exist, they certainly cannot buy your products or employ your services. When it comes to purely physical methods, lighted signs have come to be the standard. These things really grab attention in a way that a non-lighted sign simply cannot. There are many variations of this basic idea, so let’s look at some of the most popular types of commercial lighted signs.

Cabinet Signs

This is the most basic type of lighted sign, and it remains the most popular choice. These signs will normally consist of a square or rectangular box that contains LED lighting. In the past, gas-based lighting was the norm, but LED bulbs are both safer and more efficient. The front of the “cabinet” is covered with a semi-translucent sign.

That means a certain amount of light can pass through the material, producing that distinctive colored glow. These signs tend to be relatively cheap, and their electricity usage is a lot lower than some of the other options on this list. In addition, their simple construction makes maintenance a lot easier and less costly.

Lighted Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a lot like cabinet signs, except that they are generally much larger. As the name implies, they are placed at the top of a tall pole (AKA a “pylon)”. The main advantage of these large signs is long-distance visibility. These signs can be seen from a much farther distance than most others, which is essential when trying to attract fast-moving traffic.

Because they are the biggest and most noticeable signs available, these will always remain a popular high-end choice. However, their higher cost and longer construction time can be a barrier for some. Also, it doesn’t make sense to erect one of these signs in a congested area, because it won’t be seen from far away. Still, when it comes to the distance game, this design is the king.

Backlit “Halo Letter” Signs

These are also quite popular, especially among those who are looking for a more unconventional look. These signs consist of three-dimensional letters and/or shapes that are placed on a flat background. Each letter is equipped with LED lighting on the undersides, which are hollow. When the lights are turned on, the light reflects off the background and produces a nice-looking “halo” effect. The letters almost look as if they are floating and glowing at the same time, which certainly makes an impression.

These are just one variation on the classic “channel letter” signs. 3-dimensional lettering offers a lot of interesting possibilities, so this is one place where you can certainly use your imagination. For instance, you can use varying colors and patterns of blinking and fading. Another advantage of these signs is the fact that they work just as well during the day, even if the lights are off. If you are looking for a good channel letter sign company, see the information in the conclusion.

Neon Signs

Everyone knows what a neon sign is, and so there is no need to explain how they work. However, you may not know that most modern neon bulbs make use of LED lighting. The old gas-based bulbs were much more fragile and a lot more dangerous, so that’s a good thing. A dangerous sign would certainly be an unacceptable business liability.

One big advantage of neon signs is their versatility. The neon can be bent into any 3-dimensional shape, and they can be layered with many colors and patterns. These signs do tend to use a little bit more electricity, but they also offer a lot of strong points. They can even incorporate the illusion of motion by alternating the pattern of the lights, and there is also something to be said for that “classic” look.

Electronic Message Centers

An electronic message center is a digital sign that can display images and/or text. The big advantage of an electronic message center is the fact that it can be reprogrammed anytime you want. Thus, they can save you a lot of money on signage in the long run. These signs use programmable digital lettering in most cases, but the high-end versions will also incorporate digital imaging. Instead of simply giving you a sign, the EMC gives you a multi-purpose promotional tool.

EMCs are normally used in combination with more traditional signs, as this creates a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. An EMC alone might seem kind of drab and uninteresting at first glance, as its main purpose is to convey information. Thus, it needs some other kind of lighted sign for maximum effectiveness. That being said, an EMC offers a lot more movement than most signs, and motion always draws the eye.

“Spotlight” Signs

Not every sign needs internal lighting. Sometimes, external lighting might prove to be a better choice. This will often depend on the type of look and aesthetic feel for which you are aiming. Powerful LED spotlights can be mounted in front of any sign and can be mounted on the top, bottom, or sides.

If nothing else, this could help your sign to stand out in a skyline that is full of internally lit signs. These signs tend to suffer a little bit in the long-distance visibility department, but that isn’t always needed. In terms of construction and maintenance, these designs have the benefit of being simpler, cheaper, and quick to build.


These are not the only choices you have when doing business with Tupp Signs. These are just the tried-and-true choices that have served our customers well in the past. Still, you should not be afraid to exercise a little creativity (provided that you stay within the realm of possibility). If you need sign installation Delaware is the place to be. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business, you can always stop by our Delaware sign shop. If that is not convenient, you can always give us a call at 302-322-1600.