The best farm games for Android

The best farm games for Android

The heyday of games in the genre of "farm" fell on the second half of the 2000s, when almost every second player played "The Merry Farmer". Have you ever watered the beds, fed the pigs and planted worms on the crops of a neighbor? Many years have passed since then, and the genre seemed to have finally outlived its own. The rise of mobile gaming has given these games a second chance. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the best farms on the Android platform.

The basic gameplay of all farm simulators on Android differs very little - know yourself to water and fertilize the plants, buy more expensive seeds, get animals, buy equipment and decorate your plot with new decor. Therefore, many of them try to diversify the gameplay with pleasant little things like quests or mini-games. While compiling the list, we tried to focus specifically on the entourage and features of the projects included in it.

Most of the games on our list are available on Play Market free of charge. Some of them doesn’t require Internet, but the beauty of such projects is revealed precisely in interaction with other players and attempts to break their records.


Hay Day is the best free farm on Android by far. The key to its success is its scale (if you play long enough, you can build a real agricultural complex with dozens of animals and hundreds of beds), bright graphics. Abundance of quests, ability to build your own town, a well-thought-out economy that gives players the opportunity to trade with each other, and a great social system that allows you to feel like part of a friendly farming community.


Dragon City is an amazing game that can take the player into the midst of real battles with monsters. It is worth attracting to your side not only people, but also dragons, which will improve and speed up the game process, get maximum relaxation while organizing your holiday. Moreover, you can download a cool mod that allows you to deal with the enemy by following this link.


If other games from our TOP offer a rather simplified look at the features of the agricultural business, then Farming Simulator is exactly what a real farm simulator. This means that you will have to regularly look after plants and animals and master the management of various types of heavy equipment such as combines, tractors and cultivators.

All the machines in the game have real prototypes, and the controls from the cockpit will make you feel like a real American farmer. Unfortunately, not all parts of this franchise on Android are available free.


Unlike most games from our TOP, where the gamer has to manage a farm of different sizes, Township combines farming mechanics with elements of a city-building simulator.

Our hero is the mayor of a small provincial town in the wilderness, and he has to raise the village to its feet and turn it into a real pearl of his region. To do this, you will have to deal not only with agriculture, but also with the development of industry and tourism. In order for tourists to go to your town more willingly, you need to build a zoo in it and decorate the streets with as many trees and decorative structures as possible.


The main feature of this game is the combination of a typical farm gameplay with elements of classic RPGs. Here your hero can not only grow animals and plants, but also go on a real adventure and fight dangerous monsters living in mysterious dungeons. Combined with pixel art, this kind of gameplay brings to mind the eight-bit masterpieces of the early nineties, such as the first installments of the Final Fantasy franchise.