Top Nail Trends Direct from the Fashion Runway

Top Nail Trends Direct from the Fashion Runway

You can transform your hands from being only functional to the glamorous gems that you desire from the fashion runway. Here are some of the best designs available and the most popular today in the world of fashion.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford fashions always include the characteristics of black and glitter, as you can find in their signature eyeliners. The nail fashions include a metallic, glitter color in a subtle color such as gold or silver with black tips on each nail.

Kate Spade

The Kate Spade designs include any color to match your outfit with a simple black line running vertically on your index finger.

Sachin and Babi

This fashion designer chooses very minimalist colors for their nail trends so as not to distract from the fashion clothing line. A simple glossy color, such as gray, tan or light pink is their nail design of choice.

Helmut Lang

This clothing designer makes certain that you won’t have to be asked, “Who are you wearing?” if you appear on the red carpet. Their famous nail designs include rather long nails with square tips and “HELMUT” stamped on each nail at the outer edge in simple black, thin lines.

Another design style used often is very long nails with pointed tips painted in simple black with the addition of several white flowing lines that appear like lightning strikes.

3.1 Phillip Lim

This designer has one of the most minimalist designs you can find. The fingernails are manicured in a short fashion without any nail polish other than a thin black horizontal line on each ring finger. 3.1 Phillip Lim is proof that nail designs can include only a single line and still be in the fashion world.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu produces other items besides fashion clothing. The newest fragrance is named simply Jason Wu Fragrance and it sports a beautiful metallic bottle. The nail trends presented by Jason Wu on the fashion runway are a simple design with short, manicured nails in a solid, metallic nail polish.

Phillip Plein

This designer is famous for black fashions with lots of bling on them. The nail designs for Phillip Plein include long nails with square tips in a black matte nail polish with several three-dimensional sparkling jewels on the tips of each nail for an ultra flashy finish.

The Blonds

The Blonds is known for their fashion makeup in intricate designs for the eyes. Their nail designs mimic this same artistic style with very long nails, pointed at the tips and glow-in-the-dark leopard print with many stick-on flowers and rhinestones for a sparkling treasure that can’t be ignored, even in the dark.

Club Monaco

This fashion designer is known to never distract from the clothing and the models generally wear a natural eye shadow with eyeliner on the bottom lid and a small amount of mascara on the lashes. Their nail designs are simple with highly manicured, short nails and a stripe of burgundy that is traced around the cuticle on each finger only.


Libertine fashion is flashy and can’t be missed when seen. The designs on fingernails are truly over the top and will stand out anywhere in a crowd. All the nails are quite long and pointed with black matte polish and three-dimensional appliqués. At times, they include many extras that fasten over the thumbnail, shaped as a longer and bigger version of the nail in materials such as barb wire.

Naeem Khan

This designer uses classic lines in all of the fashion clothing, which never goes out of style. This is the same type of designs in their nail fashion. Most often nails are quite short and rounded at the edges with an icy metallic polish and several very small crystals for a three dimensional appearance.

Opening Ceremony

Fashion designs by Opening Ceremony often include intricate patterns on clothing, but using only two colors. Their nail designs are generally semi-short with a French manicure and include a black and white checkered appearance in the same pattern on each nail tip.

Jeremy Scott

Bright and beautiful are the characteristics of Jeremy Scott designer fashions. The nail designs that are famous as some of the best in appearance at New York Fashion Week include long, pointed nails in a bright orange polish with the fingers all dipped in glitter so the glitter covers the entire nail and each finger for several inches above the nails.

Baja East

Tri-color in simple designs is a favorite fashion design for the Baja East clothing line. The runway nail designs are much the same with short nails in a French manicure and an alternating pattern of three solid mattee colors on the fingernails.

Oscar de la Renta

This fashion designer is world renowned for the sleek and beautiful clothing designs. Nail designs are simple so as not to distract from the clothing style and include very short manicured nails painted in a shiny gold color on all fingers.

Rebecca Minkoff

Beautiful spring fashions in fun colors are a trademark of Rebecca Minkoff designs. The nail fashion they use for the fashion runway includes a base coat in a solid, light color, such as purple with a stripe on each nail that is wider at the cuticle and narrows to the tip of each nail in a darker purple or coordinating color.

Marc Jacobs

This designer often brings older fashions back onto the scene in a different manner to keep up with the world of fashion. The nail designs include a gel manicure in which the nails appear to be a grown out manicure with room left at the cuticle. What’s old can be new again is the theme.


Kith NYC is known for incorporating logos onto their clothing lines. Their nail designs mimic this pattern with intricate flag-like patterns in red, white and blue. The red and blue are each a simple stripe running lengthwise on each short, manicured nail with white on the tips of one nail per hand, usually the ring finger as an accent nail.


Soft and demure best describes Tibi as a designer of clothing in the fashion world. Their nail designs include a short manicure in nude with two black diagonal lines in varying widths on the index fingers.


This fashion designer is known for mixing patterns within one outfit for a burst of color. The nails at Monse include a simple nude manicure of short nails with two white vertical lines on all fingernails excluding the thumb nails. The thumb nails sport an “M” in thick red polish outlined in a thin white line to stand out in a crowd.

Area NYC

Bright, flirty and highly sophisticated is the design style of Area NYC. The fashions can be described as fun-loving for the younger generations. The nail designs include semi-long nails with slightly rounded tips with a dark, bright color of nail polish on each. Then, several Swarvokski crystals are attached for the nails with the most bling.

Creatures of Comfort

Simple styling and straight lines are the characteristics of Creatures of Comfort. They create clothing lines for everyday use, rather than for the nightlife or special occasions. The nail designs worn by their models include intricate, hand painted florals in pinks, blues and yellows on all nails but in different designs on each for a splash of whimsy.

Tanya Taylor

This designer loves to use ribbons of color in their fashion clothing lines. Their nail designs include a short, nude manicure with red ribbons in varying widths and on varying areas of each nail to add a small splash of color to coordinate with your outfit.

Alice and Olivia

Simplistic, flowing designs with a tiny bit of a color are the styles of Alice and Oliva. Their nail designs are a simple French manicure on short nails with a touch of a bright coordinating color only on the tip of each nail.

Michael Costello

Styles by this designer go from dark and mysterious to shiny and fabulous. The nail designs by Michael Costello are a bit simple, but definitely fashionable. One of the most popular is a short manicure with three separate shades of metallic nail polish that alternate on all of the finger nails.

An alternate nail design is a short style with a light pink background and an intricate rose design that is hand-painted in dark pink.

Adam Selman

Bold and classic is the style of Adam Selman. He often creates bright red dresses in classic styles that are always fashionable. The nail designs to match are simple in style with a long nail, pointed tips and all nails painted in a bright, glossy red color.


Florals with grace and style are Rodarte’s signature in the fashion world. The nail designs include gluing real, tiny, colorful flowers to a nude French manicure and then adding tiny white dots with yellow centers on the ring finger and pinky finger with nail polish to mimic a simple daisy.


Intricate designs in simplistic colors are the fashion of Moschino. Their nail designs often include a slightly long manicure with pointed tips, painted with a white base polish and a fishnet design in black on top.

If you want to look like a model on any day or night and use fashion-inspired nail trends to accent your outfit. You can create most of these styles yourself with a little practice to either draw attention to or from your fabulous fingers. These are some of the top designers choices used at NYC Fashion Week from which to choose.