DFDS' Most Popular Ferry Routes: Find Out Which One Suits You Best

DFDS' Most Popular Ferry Routes: Find Out Which One Suits You Best
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Looking to take a ferry ride? DFDS offers some of the most popular ferry routes in Europe, and DFDS has the perfect one for you!

Whether you're looking to explore new destinations or visit family and friends, their ferries offer a comfortable and convenient way to travel. In this blog post, we'll discuss DFDS's most popular ferry routes and help you find the one that best suits your needs. Let's get started!

DFDS Ferry Routes in their Entirety

With services to Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and even the Baltic areas, including key towns like Copenhagen, Oslo, and Amsterdam, DFDS boasts one of Europe's largest ferry networks. With DFDS, you can travel by automobile and open the door to Europe.

Ferries to the Baltics

If you live in or travel around the Baltic region and Scandinavia, DFDS has 3 routes for you.

DFDS ferry crossings across the Baltic Sea include sailings from Karlshamn to Klaipeda, Kapellskär to Paldiski a route linking northern Germany with Lithuania Kiel-Klaipeda. The Baltic Sea is a perfect place for summer holidays or adventures in winter. DFDS offers four popular ferry routes across the sea: Kiel-Klaipeda, Copenhagen-Aarhus, Oslo-Copenhagen, and Riga-Stockholm. The ferries are designed so that you can enjoy them as much as possible during your journey.



Daily boats between Copenhagen and Oslo are a terrific way to experience the cultural differences between Denmark and Norway while staying on one of the luxurious, modern cruise vessels.


Connecting Scandinavia

Oslo is a laid-back city that is easy to walk around and is surrounded by a lovely fjord and forest. The lush alleys and squares of the old city, as well as the sumptuous Royal Palace, contrast with daring new buildings by top architects from around the world, making Oslo an enticing combination of old and new. Aker Brygge Wharf's waterside sector has a commercial appearance, but go deeper and you'll find Scandi shopping, minimalist eateries, and great art galleries.


DFDS now operates daily flights between Frederikshavn and Oslo.

Drive your automobile onto the ship at Frederikshavn and arrive in Oslo refreshed the next morning. Easily drive on after arriving in Norway to take in all of the sights and experiences the country has to offer.

While sailing, you can sleep peacefully in your own private cabin with a view of the Norwegian beaches. Make a reservation today and customize your next vacation with DFDS.


A ferry is a perfect way to explore Europe, whether you're looking for a short weekend break or an extended holiday. With so many routes and destinations available with DFDS Seaways, it can be tricky knowing which one suits your needs best. Have a look at our blog post on the most popular DFDS Ferry Routes to find out more about each of them.

We hope this post has helped you decide which ferry route to take. If not, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Visit their official website ( https://www.dfds.com/en/passenger-ferries ) for more information regarding your preferences and don't forget to comment below which route you chose and why! Happy travels!