Are you ready for Holiday Season 2019? Here's All YoEnter content title here...

Are you ready for Holiday Season 2019?  Here's All YoEnter content title here...

Like every year, the shopping season of 2019 will be the coolest one; there are many facts about this event, which make it one of the unique occasions.

The holiday season is the most awaited time of the year. There is nothing compared to the time you will spend with your family and the loved ones. The Christmas Eve dinner and preparing candies for the occasion with your family, but nothing can beat the Christmas shopping and the hunt for gifts to present them on Christmas day. This time is also important for commerce as according to statistics, the sales in the United States on the holidays are about 30% of the whole year combined. This is the reason for the number of discounts available on all consumers’ items at the event of Christmas and holidays.

Different businesses run marketing and promotional campaign in this season as it is the best time of the year to grab the attention of more consumers, turning them in your loyal clients. The festival feels of the shopping experience during this season makes it easy for marketers to provide the consumers with the best services and experience. This process can add to their bond with the business, ultimately retaining these consumers with the specific business for the long term.

Holiday Season 2019

The shopping season this year, without any doubt, will be one of the coolest and craziest ones. Many brands will try to compete against one and other by providing more discounts, and the betterment in e-commerce will raise the online sale. Despite all the odds, sales are expected to be more than 6.2 billion, as it was the closing amount last year. There are many facts you still don’t know about the shopping season this year.

6 Days Short In 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019

Every year, the shopping season lasts about 25 to 31 days, but it is not the fact this year. The variable nature of Thanksgiving Day can be held responsible for the change in the time span of the shopping season. If you have a quick look through the calendar, you can see that the fourth Tuesday of November is on 28th this year. Mostly the day ranges from 22th to 28th of November; the placement this year is at the least possible situation; thus, the season will be short for 6 days. This is a whole week short from the 31 days as the season will only last 26 days this year.

Most Discounted Items

Special Discounts

Shopping season is all about discounts. Everyone wants their desired items at the lowest possible rates. The trends are now changing from the previous years as the discounts were more common on general consumer items in past years, but now electronic items and gadgets are more often seen on the top shelves of the market. The advancement in technology has pushed more consumers to use the latest version of gadgets and other computing items as they are now more like basic needs.

According to the list provided by big chains like Target and Walmart, the most discounted items this year are mainly electronic gadgets. The tech geeks can now shop for their dream gadgets this year on the best possible rates. You can also easily gift your loved ones with their favorite game console, mobile, laptop, or any electronic accessory pre-packed in appealing Holiday Packaging.

The Unaware Audience

Unaware Audience

The majority of the audience conducts proper research for preparing their purchase list for the shopping season, but there is a number of consumers who only shop due to the discounted rates. According to research, about 34 percent of consumers are no aware of the product information before arriving at the market. This holiday season is a perfect opportunity for brands to target such consumers. Businesses use different sorts of tactics to appeal to this majority of consumers; they widely take benefit from the use of Custom Boxes to appeal to such majority as packing plays an important role in grabbing such consumers.

Shopping Time

Shopping Time

Packaging holds an important role in the marketing side of the business; the style of it can help the marketers to engage more potential consumers and raise the profit margin by getting better sales. Black Friday Sales can be a good example as the majority of consumers prefer to buy from online stores, and the business uses the potential of packing solution to appeal to the vast majority of the audience. The utilization of better packing solutions also helps to protect the product in an efficient manner, hence result in the association of high remarks with the business from the consumer’s end.

Online Emergence

Online Sales

Friday sales are all about the best bargain rates and discounts on the majority of products. But with the paradigm change, the majority of consumers are shifting their purchase decision from bricks and mortar stores to online alternatives. According to fresh statistics, only 1 out of 4 consumers are now willing to go to physical stores, and a majority of 54% audience prefers to find their deals by use of online stores.

Final Words

The online shopping experience provides convenience by shipping to doorsteps, and no matter what you are shopping, from hunting gifts to be encased in Christmas Packaging for gift purposes to shopping for personal use, you can find every item online now. This year will be full of discounts provided on internet markets during the shopping season.