Earn Money Teaching a Hobby or Skill

Earn Money Teaching a Hobby or Skill

People stuck at home are learning new skills and taking up hobbies to fill their time. There's an endless list of courses coaches and consultants can teach.

People stuck at home now have time to start a hobby they always wanted to learn. Or perhaps out of necessity they need to learn a new skill.

From business skills to personal creativity, the demand is high. And the opportunities are endless.

For someone who is entrepreneurial, now is a great time to earn money by teaching others a skill or two.

Holistic health coach Karen Porter, for example, is helping people make healthy meals and snacks for their family with a growing following on Facebook and Instagram: click here

Sandrine Gressard is teaching people who have been laid off how to launch their own business with her own online training program: click here

Colleen Lindberg also launched an online training program to teach business owners how to thrive during this time. click here

Here's some of the trending hobbies and skills to consider:

  • gardening
  • growing vegetables
  • jewelry making
  • chess
  • photography
  • organizing
  • house cleaning
  • yoga
  • meditation & contemplation
  • strength training
  • running
  • inline skating
  • cooking
  • photography
  • painting
  • drawing
  • dance lessons
  • wine making
  • home repairs
Earn Money Teaching a Hobby or Skill

People are taking up a wide range of hobbies amid the pandemic.

To start:

1) Make a list of everything you are passionate about and could teach someone else to do.

2) Prioritize the list as to what is in high demand right now. Watch what your friends and neighbors are doing and what's featured in mainstream media. Think forward to what is going to be in demand.

3) Select one hobby or skill to teach.

4) Find the right platform. Decide which platform to put it on: social media, your website, or an online course platform like Thinkific.

5) Put the course together.

Here's free access to lessons on how to Publish Your Training Course Online in Days by marketing pro DIYer Allison Graham: try for free here

Turning a hobby or skill into a stream of income is limited only by your imagination. You never know who needs to learn what you know. And right now there are lots of people who want something to do with their spare time.

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