6 Tips to Connect Better When Networking

6 Tips to Connect Better When Networking

If you don't make a connection, you won't make a sale. What does it take, then, to make a connection with someone fast.

The number one predictor of your success is your ability to build relationships with influential people. When you surround yourself with influential people, you automatically start to achieve more.

Networking events are the best way to connect with people but often the results are disappointing.

You do everything the experts say. You state a well-rehearsed pitch. The person asks for your business card. And then nothing.

Why does that happen?

If you're at an event attended by your ideal clients and referral partners, it's likely because a connection was not made.

Here's some tips to turn it around.

1) Initiate the conversation. It shows confidence. Start off by simply asking someone who they are and who they want to meet at the event.

2) Be curious to build a connection. Ask great questions about them till you find something you have in common. (about their business or industry, a hobby, common connections etc).

3) Ask questions that take the conversation deeper:

  • What are you most passionate about right now?
  • What’s your top project?
  • What's your number one goal?

4) Listen carefully. Ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand.

5) Offer to help them with their project - directly or indirectly.

6) Do what you say you will. It's critical to be someone they can trust.

Networking is all about building and maintaining relationships. When you show people you are interested in them - they will be interested in you too.

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