Curated tips from market experts to venture into the lucrative on-demand beauty

Curated tips from market experts to venture into the lucrative on-demand beauty

As the market prospects and demand are high, now would be the perfect time to partner with an on-demand beauty services app development.

The on-demand beauty services industry is exhibiting steady growth in the past few years, and business analysts have predicted that the sector would reach an estimated net worth of $805 billion by 2023. The market statistics indicate that the industry is marching towards its peak at a massive pace. Hence, now would be the perfect time to step into this striving industry to grab a slice of it.

The future of your business relies heavily on how well your app is optimized to meet the target users’ expectations and so it is vital to design it with utmost caution. In this article, we will dive deeper into the ways to multiply your earnings with the app. Here are some of the critical approaches that you need to look into in order to establish your brand in the top tier.

Commission fee:

The commission fee is one of the most effective monetization strategies that involves taking a percentage of the income earned by the professional beauticians on the app. This strategy is being followed by pioneers in this niche and has proven to be an effective way.


Advertisements guarantee a steady flow of income for the business. By associating with partners, you can advertise their products or brands on your app, in return of a payment.

Subscription fee:

Subscription fee strategy helps to build a strong wall of trust with your customer base. The users will subscribe to your services to get value-added services and exclusive discounts. Therefore, you can increase the customers’ retention rate and as well as the overall revenue.

Providing multiple services on a standalone platform:

Before on-demand service apps took over the market, customers have to travel for long distances to avail beauty services. Sometimes, they need to wait for hours to get their turn and ultimately, they get frustrated with this model. They were continually looking for alternative solutions, and that’s when on-demand beauty service apps arrived in the market.

It is recommended that you provide multiple beauty services on your platform so that the user gets everything they need. It relatively becomes for the users as they could avail multiple beauty services from a single app with a few taps and swipes on their smartphone. They need not have to leave the house as the professionals will arrive at their doorsteps on the mentioned time and date.

Providing more value to your services:

People always prefer businesses that provide more value to their money, and hence it would be better if you travel on the same path. It would be better if you introduce the concept of referral programs into your app. Customers can invite their friends and family to get rewards suitably. This strategy could help to increase the customer base to a great extent and the value of your business.

Optimizing your app with user-centric features:

Customers will not prefer your app until you provide what they need exactly. Make sure your platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and flawless to provide a premium user experience. Discuss with your Uber for beauty app development team to integrate all the basic and advanced features that will be expected by the modern consumers.

Research the market and note down your competitors for future reference. Look for their pros and cons to plan your venture accordingly. Find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and optimize it to differentiate yourself from the market. The technological advancements have come so far, and customers’ expectations keep soaring. With the introduction of artificial intelligence and Augmented reality, users can get a feel of a product without having to use them.

What does the future hold for on-demand beauty service apps:

Business analysts are expecting a significant spike in the user engagement and revenue within the next few months as these apps are becoming the need of the hour. With a catalogue of services and technologically advanced ap, entrepreneurs can climb to the markets’ top tier in a short period of time. The consumer behavior is drifting towards availing convenient services, and businesses are adapting to newer models to sustain in the market.

Bottom line:

As the market prospects and demand are high, now would be the perfect time to partner with an on-demand beauty services app development company to turn your idea into a working application. We recommend you to go with white-labelled solutions as it provides unlimited customization options. The fad for beauty services will not cease, and it can be a significant advantage for your business. Although the market is brimming with service providers, it hasn’t overheated yet, and the course of events in your venture will be favorable.