The business prospects of developing an on-demand roadside assistance app

The business prospects of developing an on-demand roadside assistance app

On-demand roadside assistance apps are becoming the need of the hour as more people have started to take long solo rides.

The passion for traveling on the road has taken over the current generation. It is becoming increasingly contagious as people keep investing a significant amount of their earnings on traveling and exploring places. No matter how well they are prepared and planned, certain things come surprisingly only to ruin the rest of the trip. Just as they say, there is an app for everything. Here the mobile application that is going to lend you its hand is called an on-demand tow truck app. It is a perfect solution for stranded travelers.

These apps can seamlessly improve customer loyalty towards your brand and can be considered the ideal way to boost your profits in this niche. The app development team has gone the extra mile to ensure that users do not face any hassles in navigating the app. The integration of social media plugins makes it easier for customers to create their accounts on the platform seamlessly. After the users are done with adding necessary details to their profile, they can proceed to fix an appointment with the professionals. They can approach the nearest tow truck service provider and select the type of service they require.

Here are some of the aspects that should be addressed on a tow truck service app:

Fix appointments via phone/call/email:

It doesn’t matter that everyone holds a smartphone in their hands; however, integrating alternative ways to fixing appointments makes it easier for the customers.

Geolocation integration:

The integration of real-time location tracking features makes it easier for both customers and professionals to track their position vice versa.

Push notifications:

The Push notifications feature is an excellent way to keep users informed about the offers, promotions, status of their appointments, and much more.


Ensure that you get an app with SSL certification and other security plugins to stay on the safer side. Following these procedures provides confidence for your customers while performing financial transactions.

Integration of dashboard:

The service provider side app should be integrated with a dashboard that supports dynamic updates. It can be useful to know about the user requests, accessibility toggle, commissions earned, and upcoming appointments.

Payment gateway:

The online payment feature incorporated into the app makes it more usable in real-world scenarios as people might not have cash with them all the time. However, entrepreneurs should ensure that best-in-class encryption protocols are used to build the payment gateway to offer safe and secure transactions to the customers.

Reviews and ratings:

The lack of communication between the service providers and customers was the major problem that prevailed in traditional business models. However, with the advent of on-demand service apps, customers can give feedback after every appointment. This user feedback will be made transparent so that other customers can make their decisions based on it. Providers can also improve their service based on the feedback.

Schedule booking:

Schedule booking can be useful for travelers going on a long ride. The customers can request a roadside assistance service based on the service providers’ schedule.

Generating reports:

Since the entrepreneurs earn based on the commission rates, they can seamlessly monitor the business operations from the admin panel. They will be able to generate reports based on various aspects and can analyze the data to improve their business.

Multiple revenue streams:

Entrepreneurs will have multiple monetary streams to maximize their overall revenue. They can pick the ideal ones based on their business requirements and budget constraints. However, they can make changes in the app in the later stages.

In a nutshell:

In order to develop a robust on-demand tow truck app, ensure that your app is loaded with user-centric features. Hire a professional app development team with a proven track record and expertise in this niche. The cost of developing an on-demand roadside assistance app depends on the following factors.

Mobile platform

UI/UX design of your app

The complexity of your app

Tech stack

Development team

On-demand roadside assistance apps are becoming the need of the hour as more people have started to take long solo rides. The perfect on-demand tow truck will simplify their issues and get them back on their plan in the shortest turnaround time. Hence, now would be the ideal time to kickstart your venture in this niche.