How can I make a healthcare on demand app like Practo

How can I make a healthcare on demand app like Practo
about 2 months ago

Here are the steps that you should follow while developing an app like Practo.

Developing an app like Practo or Zocdoc is not an easy task as the algorithm is complex and not easy to comprehend for amateurs. However, if you approach it with a proper strategy, you will be able to develop a robust app with similar functionalities. Here are the steps that you should follow while developing an app like Practo.

Start with studying your competition:

You should study your competitive apps and learn about their pros and cons, irrespective of the niche. Once you analyze their services, you will be able to get a better understanding of the current market trends and target customers’ expectations. Establishing an ideal network of doctors is critical for every healthcare app as it will fetch more users and add value to your platform.

Concept of your app:

Learn your target audiences’ requirements and optimize your app accordingly to streamline the sector’s maximum benefits. Patients’ expectations will vary depending on their location and so discuss with your app development company to build the ideal framework.

App development process:

The tech stack that goes into your app will decide the performance of your app in real-world scenarios. Ensure that you have chosen a professional app development team with a proven track record in this niche.

Testing for bugs and glitches:

Since you are developing a healthcare app, your app should cater to the needs of patients. They should not feel any hassles or glitches in navigating your app. Developing an on-demand doctor appointment booking app is an agile process, and it takes a group of expert testers to seek the app for bugs, defects, and other complications. Ensure that your app is tested under varied conditions to match the usage patterns in the real world scenarios.

To further simplify the process, here are some of the essential features that you shouldn’t miss on your healthcare app like Practo.

User’s profile

Doctor’s profile

Reviews and ratings


Virtual assistance

Multiple payment options


Push notifications

Appointment scheduling

Chat/Call option


Customer support

Search option

Prescription sharing

Apart from the above mentioned, you should integrate exclusive features in your app to offer nothing less of a premium user experience. Get in touch with an experienced app development team that excels in developing an interactive and engaging healthcare app like Practo. Make sure that you do not compromise on any critical aspects of the app.