What are the features of laundry application

What are the features of laundry application

People have started to use on-demand services apps on a daily basis.

People have started to use on-demand services apps on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs have come up with apps for almost everything in our lives. If you are planning to develop an app for laundry services, here are some important features that you shouldn’t miss on your application.


Customers should register their account before starting to use the services. They can register by entering their phone number or email address. You can also consider including social media plugins on the platforms as users can directly log in with their social media accounts like Facebook, Google, etc.

Services to choose:

Customers should be able to choose the type of laundry service they require. It depends on user preference and type of clothing. The price for every service should be clearly mentioned in the application.

Schedule pickup:

This is one of the main advantages of using on-demand services. The customer can choose a time to pick their clothes for laundry. It will be picked up from their doorsteps by the executives.

Estimated cost:

Make sure that the customers are aware of the cost of the service. They should get an estimated cost for the service they chose.

Order status:

After placing an order, the customers should be able to know its status and overlook every step in the process. They will get real-time updates on their smartphones.

Cancel orders:

The customers can change their minds anytime, so your application must have a cancel option. Make sure that your customers are clear with the terms and conditions for cancellation of orders.


Customers should have the option to give feedback after every order. They can give ratings in separate sections. This can help the laundrymen to improve their services and other customers to choose accordingly.


The customers must be constantly notified about the order status, pick up, delivery time, and more. They should also get regular updates about the offers and promotions. Relevant news articles will also be helpful for the customers.

Multiple payment options:

One of the most comfortable options for customers in the on-demand apps is choosing their preferred payment method. They should be able to choose from credit cards, debit cards, UPI, PayPal, net banking, and more if you can also choose to add an in-app wallet to your application.

These are the essential features that should be integrated into your laundry app development. In-depth research on the market can help you to get some more ideas.