How Coronavirus Has Affected Our Approach To Health And Wellness

How Coronavirus Has Affected Our Approach To Health And Wellness

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives as we know it but amidst all of the chaos, there has been an increase in prioritization of health and wellness.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in so many ways. So many that it’s challenging to narrow it down to just one. Without question, it has instilled in us the fear of the illness, but also, it has affected almost every aspect of our lives from economics to social isolation. It’s undeniable that the virus has changed our world as we know it and has forced us to adapt in many new ways.

Amidst all of the negativity I have found that many people have taken on a positive attitude and adapted to the pandemic by prioritizing their health and wellness. I have narrowed it down to three ways in which the pandemic has steered us in the direction of becoming more health conscious.

1. Embracing Preventative Health Strategies

It has been made clear by health professionals that though anyone can become infected with coronavirus, individuals with pre-existing health conditions are at a greater risk. Health and wellness began to skyrocket as a trend around 2010 but as of recently, it is anticipated that even more people will begin to adopt healthier habits. COVID has opened people’s eyes to the fact that we need to take a more preventative approach to health care as opposed to just waiting for something to happen and then having to treat a problem.

2. COVID-19 Gave Us the Time We Needed to Develop Healthy Habits

Awareness and willingness to take action is important when it comes to health and wellness but one of the main arguments as to why people don’t start making healthier choices and do things like exercise, eat healthy, meditate, etc, is that they claim they just don’t have the time. Quarantine gave us unlimited time.

Most of us began working from home, were furloughed, or laid off. On top of that, we suddenly had nothing to do as everything was closed and social distancing rules were put in place. Many people turned to new hobbies and for a lot of people, these hobbies included at home workouts and cooking more often. Additionally, many people started reading more and even taking online courses that they just never had the time for.

It has been said that it takes 30 days to form a habit and because quarantine went on for more than 30 days, enough time had passed for these healthier habits to become lifestyle changes. It’s expected that most people will carry these habits over into their post-quarantine life as time begins to slip away from them again.

3. A spark in Interest Has Led to Health and Wellness Becoming More Accessible

The pandemic has also made health and wellness more accessible. The response to social distancing and business closures was truly amazing. Fitness influencers adapted quickly by posting at home workout routines online and even everyday people started posting theirs as well. On top of that, many personal trainers switched to virtual models utilizing Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Though you can’t beat the in-person experience, this new approach to fitness has unarguably added a new level of accessibility. On top of all of this this, YouTube viewership increased during lock down and as a result, Content Creators began producing more videos. A lot of the content of these videos surrounded physical health, mental health and wellness.

This surge in interest for health and well being should be a great opportunity for businesses in the industry. People are truly starting to realize that that health is the new wealth and I believe that this will be reflected more in our daily lives and decisions.