How to Fix Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception

How to Fix Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception

With Windows 10, you shall be getting plenty of extra features that will make your device better. But sometimes with that also comes unwanted errors. For instance, ‘unexpected store exception.’ This may force users to restart the device. This generally happens whenever the people update their device from the earlier versions.

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The method of repairing the corrupt files

Firstly, run Reimage Plus for scanning as well as restoring corrupt and missing files.

Make sure that system files are intact as well as not corrupt.

The method of uninstalling the anti-virus program

Firstly, put the combination of Windows+X buttons on your keyboard.

Then, choose the ‘Control Panel’ from the list.

Next, tap on the Programs option. It shall be present in the control panel.

Over here, you will be able to get a list of programs installed on the system. From this list, move further and search anti-virus software of yours.

If you have installed many types of security software, then you need to uninstall each. For doing it, you need to do a right-click on them and then press on Uninstall.

Your device will ask for the uninstalling confirmation, but yes.

Next, you need to do according to the on-screen instruction for completing the uninstallation.

Lastly, do restart your device.

The method of disabling Fast Startup

Firstly, put the combination of Windows+R for launching the Run application.

Then, go to the Dialogue Box and write the ‘control panel’.

Next, tap the Enter.

Note that it shall result in launching the device control panel.

As soon as you go to the control panel, press the Power Options.

After going to the Power Options, press the ‘Choose what the power buttons do.’ It shall be located on the left-hand part of the display.

Next, press on the option ‘Change Settings that are currently unavailable.’

Then, move to the end of the display.

Next, un-tick the squares that states ‘Turn on fast startup’. Don’t forget to save the changes before exiting.

Lastly, you may require to restart the device. See whether the problem has been solved.

The method of updating the display drivers

Firstly, boot the device in a safe mode.

As soon as the device has been booted in safe mode, you need to do a right-click on the Windows button.

Then, choose Device Manager.

Next, expand the Display adapter section,

After that, do a right-click on the display hardware.

Then, choose the option of Uninstalling device.

Next, for giving the confirmation, you need to tap on Ok.

After that, restart the device.

Then, put the combination of the Windows+S option.

Next, go to the Dialogue Box and write Windows update. You need to tap on the top search result.

After that, press the option of ‘Check for updates’.

As soon as the update is done, see whether your problem is solved.

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