Leverage On-Demand Doctors App to Earn High ROI amid COVID-19 Crisis

Leverage On-Demand Doctors App to Earn High ROI amid COVID-19 Crisis

On-Demand Doctor App development

On-demand doctor apps across the world see a steep rise in their appointments as Coronavirus spread accelerates. Healthcare app PlushCare said that their appointments are up by 70%. American doctor app Amwell confirmed that since the virus spread, the app usage has increased by 158% across the nation. It is said that the industry is making 10-years' worth of progress in just a few weeks.

Other healthcare apps, such as Teladoc, HeyDoctor, Practo, etc., are also gaining traction among the general public who are undertaking quarantine measures. With this app on board, patients and people with mild symptoms of Coronavirus or other health problems can consult doctors via video calls and in-app chat options.

Join this thriving sector to earn your share of profits, Let's have a look at what more these on-demand applications have to offer, helping you plan the app development.

Symptom checking and monitoring

As more people are signing up with the app to seek online doctor consultation, healthcare app businesses have launched features to check and monitor symptoms before directly connecting with doctors. It helps in filtering only people who need immediate doctor attention at the moment.

Several healthcare chains also started launching their own symptom assessment app as a step towards reducing the number of people reaching out to them.

Additional services

Existing applications are looking for ways to offer on-demand medicine delivery to the doorsteps of their users. They are taking this step to extend their supporting hand in this frightening moment.

You can also consider implementing such options when you plan your on-demand doctor app development.


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