Main difference between SEO and Digital Marketing

Main difference between SEO and Digital Marketing
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Already knowing what SEO and Digital Marketing are, let’s find out the difference between them.

SEO is one of the Tools of Digital Marketing

The first major difference between SEO and Digital Marketing is that the best SEO Toronto is one of the tools used in Digital Marketing. The first step in marketing for your website is to start with SEO. A site that is properly optimized for search engines will provide a good substructure for all other marketing activities.

Free Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

The second difference is how your website gets traffic. SEO aims to make the site appear on the highest positions in crawlers like Google for certain keywords. The higher the page is shown in the search engine results, the higher free organic traffic gets. Digital Marketing on the other hand focuses mostly on paid traffic and uses PPC advertising like Google Ads or Facebook Ads and other marketing tools as per the company’s budget.

SEO Cost vs. Digital Marketing Cost

Another difference between SEO and Digital Marketing is in terms of finances. If the website is properly optimized, it will start appearing in the top positions in search engine results, and of course, organic unpaid traffic will increase. The only other expense is to pay an SEO Specialist on a monthly basis.

However, digital marketing continues to pay for specialist services. For example, a company pays for its website being appeared on the first page of Google, or for the company’s ad emerging on Facebook; the ad campaigns strongly rely on the company’s budget and once the budget is fully exhausted, advertising stops. The company would then lose online traffic and all the benefits it was enjoying from being positioned on the first page of Google.

SEO specialist vs. Digital Marketing Manager

An SEO specialist has the knowledge and experience to optimize a site to raise traffic and revenue. A digital marketing manager works alongside an SEO specialist in a marketing campaign to elevates a company’s overall exposure using digital media. The strategies shared by SEO experts and digital marketing professionals include several marketing best practices such as email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and the more recent mobile marketing. However, the digital marketing specialist will have a few more options at their disposal such as billboards, SMS, TV or radio resources.

The SEO specialist is concerned about increasing visits to a website and the digital marketing specialist is concerned with increasing a company’s overall online presence and visibility to consumers. Both of these services are typically offered by an online marketing and web design company in Toronto.