Direct Sales Team Building

Direct Sales Team Building
almost 3 years ago

Fall is the perfect time to build your direct sales team!

There is something about September, the air is crisper, leaves start to fall, children are back in school and some stay-at-home moms are enjoying some extra time. It’s also a time when we start to plan for the winter season and the highlight of it is Christmas for many families. While that brings up visions of sugar plums for some, for many it brings the stress of shopping for our loved ones and often overextending our budgets.

I do have a solution…

If you are in direct sales and want to build your sales team this is a perfect time to introduce it to those who could use some extra money for the upcoming season.

Why? Many people get into direct sales and quickly lose faith in themselves and/or the company if they do not make money right away. Since fall is the biggest selling season in the year, they are almost guaranteed to make a decent income and get their own gifts at a reduced price. People who begin their direct selling career in the fall have a higher retention rate.

Of course there are many benefits to direct selling such as being a good way to meet and socialize with others and you have a flexible schedule so you get to choose when and how much you want to work.

Direct selling is a good way to earn extra income and to own your own business.

There are no required levels of education, experience, physical condition, age restrictions, background or financial resources so anyone can do it.

Being your own boss means you can choose when and how you want to work. You get to set your own goals and choose how you will attain them and receive training and support from the company you represent. In addition there are training courses to help you reach your full potential should you choose to do so.

Being your own boss is amazing and powerful – to sum it up:

I once went job hunting, hired myself….never looked back

Direct Sales Team Building