Intermittent fasting and coffee: friends or enemies?

Intermittent fasting and coffee: friends or enemies?

Coffee while fasting: to be or not to be?

When you decrease the calorie intake, your body gets into a state of starvation that pushes your body to use fat stored in your cells to provide your body with energy. So, instead of storing fat, your body burns it, which results in weight loss over time. You might think you can't drink anything but water if you want to lose weight.

In reality, drinks like coffee are not prohibited. A cup of freshly brewed coffee contains from 3 to 5 calories so it won't disrupt your fast. If you want to include something like sugar or milk to your tea or coffee, things get tricky. Even though a bit of milk or cream is allowed, remember that the higher your calorie intake, the more external energy your body will use as a fuel, which means that your body will have to use the glucose stored up in your fat cells.

It should be mentioned that coffee can bring you benefits. Caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate, which means it increases the number of calories you burn even when you’re at rest. But if you're already a regular caffeine consumer, the effect is minimal since after a while you become tolerant to the effects of coffee and it stops working.

Remember that if you consume something caloric during intermittent fasting hours, your body won’t go into the state of starvation necessary for your insulin levels to drop and your body to burn fat.

Anyway, both newbies and professionals do make mistakes and hesitate if they can or cannot eat this or that product. To make sure that you do intermittent fasting properly, nowadays there are technologies that provide 24/7 assistance, and unlike humans make no mistakes. One of the leaders is Simple fasting app. You can download it both from App Store and Play Market with just one clickю It is easy to use and helps to track your daily intake of food and keep track of your overall progress.