Color Therapy- How to Pick the Right Color for a Logoe...

Color Therapy- How to Pick the Right Color for a Logoe...

Color plays a vital role in bringing customers closer to your domain. It livens ups the image and add an alluring touch in its graphics. Colors have induvial meanings and depict different messages too. Certain colors are used for certain fields. Like blues and blacks are preferred for an automobile industry, green and lighter shades are preferred by the hospitality industry and bold orange, purple and red are used by a record label.

Blue reflect professionalism, red for love and wellbeing, green shows nature and peace, yellow and orange for cheerfulness and excitement and black for boldness. Colors affect mood and it creates a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. Just by adding a simple stroke, you can revive the essence of your picture. In logo design service, color transition is preferred as it is in the trend list as well.

By adding color-shadowing effect, you can also enhance the impact of the picture. Colors can be incorporated into the logo in several ways. When selecting the palette, designers have to delve deep into the market needs to understand the basic requirements the target customers wants. Moreover, color selection revolves around the logotype. For instance, if you are making a retro or vintage logo, both of these types require a different color palette.

The retro logo requires bold and bright colors but more towards red and blues whereas the vintage logo requires lighter shades like beige, green, golden and light grey. When it comes to typography, the logos can be written in a single shade no matter which color tone you go with.

Secondly, it may use the color transition effect as in typography logotype, a mixture of colors enhance the overall. The great example of color and typography is the logo of Google. You can see the mixture of colors where each shade is used for a purpose.

That’s the beauty of using colors, as each stroke whether lighter or darker can be used in a way that it delivers a specific meaning. Therefore, when designing a logo you must go through the requirements of the industry and what appeals your viewers before picking a shade as a logo is the most important assistance that can enhance the performance of your brand. It can increase your revenue generation and onsite traffic too; you just need to be a little more conscious with your selection.