Enter4 Things about Wikipedia That Will Surprise You! content title here...

Enter4 Things about Wikipedia That Will Surprise You! content title here...

An article about the unknown facts about Wikipedia.

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As we all use Wikipedia as one of the most significant assets to enlighten ourselves with amazing knowledge that it holds, there are some people that do not get tired hating Wikipedia for some incorrect information that is shared by unauthenticated people through unreliable sources. Criticizers have tried so hard to set a despicable image of Wikipedia, but people of great knowledge and wisdom knows it worth and still utilize it for verifying a lot of things.

Although Wikipedia never asks anyone to trust them completely, the information that it has is almost correct for most of the times. There are also some Wikipedia Consultant agencies that hire people to work for the Wikipedia pages, after verifying the information in order to include the accurate data for everyone. As it would be really shocking for many people to learn that there are real-life Wikipedia Consultant companies that contribute to the website, there is also a number of other facts associated with Wikipedia as well, and some of them are deliberated below.

1. Most of the Wikipedia Editors Are Male

There had been researching conducted in the year 2013 that said that approximately ninety percent (90%) of the people who do editing on Wikipedia pages are male. This was an issue, and it was duly noted by the co-founder, and let’s hope that the issue of diversity has been resolved by now.

2. Wikipedia Ranked In the Top Ten Websites of The World

Since there are so many great websites that have been developed to bring all type of entertainment and convenience for people all across the globe, Wikipedia still managed to come on the top ten sites of the world, which is indeed a great achievement.

3. Wikipedia Has Some Intelligent Bots For Making Decisions for Publishing the Articles

Many it happens to random people that the article they create for making a Wikipedia page, gets rejected or they don’t get permission to create some certain pages. All of the dismissals are due to the fact that Wikipedia used these amazing bots that make a judgment call whether or not you can post specific articles based on the history of editing a user usually does on the existing Wikipedia pages.

4. Wikipedia Does Not Allow Editing Without References

Another amazing thing to know about Wikipedia is that among all its stern rules, it is one of the best rules that no one can add any detail or information in the Wikipedia page content if it is not being validated from a credible source. As to people who claim that Wikipedia only delivers fabricated information can easily get their facts checked as they can verify that every detail used to write the content of Wikipedia page is collected from a reliable source and reference.