Shopify And Instagram: The Best Way To Drive Sales & Inspiration

Shopify And Instagram: The Best Way To Drive Sales & Inspiration

Every business, big or small, starts with a simple idea. As long as you have something you can sell to the audience, a service, or a product, you can have ideas

Every business, big or small, starts with a simple idea. As long as you have something you can sell to the audience, a service, or a product, you can have a business. Shopify was found in 2004 to provide a platform for these ideas.

The motive is to provide an easy eCommerce website platform to small businesses from anywhere. To reach a larger audience and sell their products.

Ever since then, many businesses have used Shopify and became successful. But as the competition is rising, new strategies are being discovered. The ultimate goal is to drive more sales.

Marketers have discovered how having your Shopify store on Instagram can bring wonders to your eCommerce business.

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Shopify On Instagram: Why Do You Need It?

Exposure To A New Audience

We all know how the whole world is on Instagram. With over a billion monthly active users, and 80% of them engage with brands.

People have started using Instagram as a medium to explore new brands, making it the “buying market”. With the Instagram Shopify store integration, you are making it accessible to a new and fresh audience.

Increased Brand Engagement Rate

People love Instagram, as it has the highest engagement rate compared to its peer platforms. Instagram shopping was discovered in March 2017, and ever since then, brands have seen a higher engagement rate.

People use Instagram to discover new brands, and they love scrolling through their products. The trick was the easy-to-explore options and how people can access the entire storefront without leaving the app.

More Options To Get Explored

Advertising is common among eCommerce to reach the maximum target audience. With Instagram, you don’t have to worry about advertising. With just a few tools, you can make it easier for your target audience.

Tools like trending Hashtags, promotional ads: allow you moderation to reach the target audience, influencer marketing, and the recently added “Shop Tab”: for the target audience to explore your products without leaving the app.

More Visits To Website

Shoppable Instagram is something new to the world of social media, and users love it. The brands enjoy its benefits as they see an increase in their sales and more visits to their Shopify website.

The reason behind so many website visits is because of how Instagram allows brands to strategically put website links with the posts, on their business account bio, and with the stories "Swipe up" feature. The users get influenced to click on the website and explore the products.

How To Improve The Selling Game On Instagram

Make Improvements In Your Instagram Profile

Instagram works on visuals, and it is necessary to create the perfect first impression for the audience. You need to improve your profile, and optimization is the key to that improvement.

It starts with choosing the perfect profile picture for your business page, something that represents your brand. It can either be your logo or any other graphics; the idea is to make the visitor familiar with the brand's theme.

The second thing the visitor notices is your page's bio. It comes with a 150 character limit, so make sure to use that space wisely. Below your bio is where you put your website's link so that the visitor can click on it to explore more.

Bring Consistency In Your Posting Activities

The world of social media is way faster than the real world. People are active all the time. With something new happening on the Internet every other day, brands must remain in the minds of their followers. How can your brand ensure that?

The most prominent way to do so is by posting relevant content with consistency. You can set targets like posting two posts or at least one engaging post daily.

When you do so, you are coming into your followers’ feeds every day. It increases the chances of audience engagement. Not just that, they might get convinced to make purchases with you.

Use Visually Pleasing Photos

Visual marketing has always proven to be the most successful aspect of marketing. Instagram, as a complete app, works upon the visuals. People love to post aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram, and they also love exploring them.

Consistency is important but what you are giving your followers to consume is also important. Post the pictures of your products and make them beautiful enough so that when your followers come across your posts, they stop and engage with them.

It will increase your brand's engagement rate and encourage your followers to share your posts with their followers and make purchases with your brand. So, a visually appealing post with just the perfect caption can do wonders for you.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags were initially discovered on Twitter. But the idea of easy discovery with hashtags brought them to various social media platforms, including Instagram. People love using hashtags in the caption of their posts.

Hashtags are like tools that help users explore new things. They also help brands to get explored. You can use analytics to find out the right hashtags for your brand.

For example, if you are a skincare brand, you can use the hashtag #selfcare, as people on the Internet are associating self-care with skincare routines.

Over To You

We come to the end of this blog, where you got to know why and how Shopify on Instagram is the best way to drive sales and inspiration.

As the eCommerce industry is growing every day and with social shopping coming in as the new revolution, there is no reason why you should not bring your Shopify Store on your Instagram business account.