Four Things You Should Know Before You Hire An Event Valet Service Provider

Four Things You Should Know Before You Hire An Event Valet Service Provider

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Make your event grand and memorable. But how will it be possible because when the guests come to the parking lot they will face the problem of parking their cars, and this parking problem will be a hindrance in making the event grand? Do not worry! No more hindrance will be created in making the event grand if you choose an event valet service. Before hiring a velvet service provider, you should gather information.

How long have they been providing velvet service?

Before hiring an event valet service provider, you should thoroughly research their brand history, customer rating, service quality track record, etc. Never book service from any new service provider or those with no customer reviews because you do not know if they are professional or not.

Do Velvet service providers check their drivers?

Different event valet service provider companies have different terms of employment, so it depends on which company you choose. But in general, companies follow the general verification process for the drivers they appoint, for example

  • Driving record check
  • Criminal background check
  • ID proof check
  • Background check

If you choose any professional company, they will check all the documents and everything about their appointed driver.

Do They Train Their Driver?

A person who has a driving license means that, technically, he/she will be able to drive any car. That means there will be no need to train them. But some renowned professional event valet service providers maintain their reputation and the quality of the work, and companies will provide professional training to their drivers.

Valet service providers not only help to park your car but also provide you with the best customer service. That's why a driver needs to undergo training before they give you the car parking service. Before hiring a velvet service provider, you should know from the company that they provide training on:

  • How do you park all kinds of vehicles?
  • How to professionally manage the parking space?
  • How to provide top-notch customer service?
  • How to run a smooth professional parking system?

What technology are they using for customer convenience?

As we know everything upgraded to a smarter version and now we are used to using technology because it will be easy and most importantly it will help to save time. So before hiring event velvet service providers what kinds of technological benefits they will give you means if they have any applications.

Most companies have their own smart Car Parking application and you can easily handle the application through your smartphone. Information about the company and the services through their application. Some of the companies give you the facility to see the car position through their app, and some of the companies will give you the advance parking slot booking system.

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