Political Science Term Paper Topic Ideas

Political Science Term Paper Topic Ideas

Political Science Term Paper Topic Ideas

  • A Struggle for Power, not for Opium: A Look Back at the Opium War.

This paper will argue that, although opium was one of the causes of the Opium War, the drug trade was actually a secondary element in the conflict. The primary cause of the conflict was the Chinese imperial government's ignorance and arrogance with respect to the challenge presented by the British. This is not to say that the British were without moral fault for their role in the Opium War. However, morality is irrelevant in discussion of what was essentially a struggle for economic and political supremacy. As will be shown, the Chinese ruling class were negligent in their understanding of the threat that they faced, which resulted in a confrontation that could only have ended in the humiliating defeat of the Chinese nation.

  • Absolutist Regimes.

Here to write my papers on this topic I as a writer compare the fate of the Absolutist regimes of Russia, China and France.

  • According to Andrew Kirby.

This paper presents a sophisticated critique of American foreign policy and its relation to a post-colonial perspective. The author of this essay reviews post-WWII American foreign policy decisions and critically examines American foreign policy and international relations. This essay provides detailed argumentation from theoretical literature that discusses post-colonialism and contemporary politics.

  • Activism as a Recourse for Poverty.

This paper discusses the problem of poverty and the course of action that individuals and groups can take to address societal ills such as poverty. The specifics of what constitutes societal problems differs from society to society, but the basic spirit remains. Some societies in our world, like that of Offred's (which is mirrored in any dictatorial, patriarchal, oppressive society), are indeed directly harmful to broad selections of that society. Poverty is an oppression. Like many liberation theologians, Ngugi uses Marxist social analysis. Each character represents a broader section of society and the individuals they rebel against represent the whole of the governing body of society.

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  • Addressing the Most Significant Event in a Lifetime.

This paper addresses September 11th as the most significant event in a lifetime, for it creates conditions that might lead to the Third World War.

  • Advantages Of Proportional Representation.

Describes alternatives to the single-member district and two-party electoral system, contrasting the current US electoral system with those of Mexico and Nigeria, outlining the major differences and pointing out both practical and ideological reasons for a switch to proportional representation.

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