Easy Ways to Refill Emoney with Android

Easy Ways to Refill Emoney with Android

An Easy Way to Refill Emoney with Android - Currently in traveling far through the toll road it is necessary to use an E-Money card as a means of payment.

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What happens if the E-Money card you carry turns out to be insufficient? Moreover, most toll booths do not provide ATM or refill services, they can be fatal. But don't worry, this is the admin share on how to refill your Emoney card anytime and anywhere with an android phone

But before the admin explains the steps, there are several conditions that you must meet, including:

1. Android smartphone has NFC features

NFC is used to check the balance on your Emoney card by sticking it on the back of your smartphone. Currently only NFC android supports recharging Emoney. Because Apple or iPhone devices only support Apple Pay.

2. Have a debit or credit card that supports 3D Secure.

3D Secure is an online transaction service for safer by using a debit card or Visa / Mastercard. Where will the security code used for online transactions be sent to the mobile number registered with the card holder? If the authorization code entered is incorrect at the time of payment, the transaction will be considered canceled.

How to use an Android smartphone to refill Emoney

1. Install the Mandiri E-Money application available on Playstore

2. Activate NFC first on your cellphone and login with the email that is already registered on the Emoney application, if not already registered you can register first by clicking on the words "Register here" at the bottom.

3. After logging in, paste the E-Money card on the back of the cellphone to see the remaining balance of your Emoney and the nominal value of refill on the E-Money card.

4. After selecting the nominal you want to refill, enter the CVV code found on the back of the debit card or Visa / MasterCard to make transactions (CVV codes are usually the last 3 digits on the card).

5. Wait for the authorization code sent to the cardholder's mobile number. If the code has been received, then immediately enter the code to complete the transaction.

6. Keep the E-Money card away from the back cover of the HP and re-attach it to begin the E-Money refill process. Do not remove the card until the E-Money refill process is complete.

7. If the E-Money refill is successful, then there will be a report display that the E-Money refill is successful as shown below.

How? It’s easy to top up your E-Money using your Android smartphone. With this application, it's very easy for you to refill E-Money. Apart from using this method, you can also refill through an ATM, or at merchates such as Indomaret and Alfamart that provide E-Money refills. Best Islamic Apps