The App of the Islamic world

The App of the Islamic world

The development of the app has revolutionized the use of the Internet and has made the smartphone and tablet items of cult essential to deal with everyday l

The development of the app has revolutionized the use of the Internet and has made the smartphone and tablet items of cult essential to deal with everyday life.

In the informatic slang, with the neologism "app" we mean a variant of the applications dedicated to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. An app can be developed for different types of mobile operating systems, and not all compatible with any type of system; there are applications to take pictures, to check the weather, to call for free, to download music or surf the internet, consult maps, etc.

Muslim communities have always been at the forefront of human progress, having a positive attitude towards it that stands in sharp contradiction with today's Islamic fundamentalism. And it is precisely among the musumani believers that the app market is enjoying great success, with solutions designed specifically for their needs and interests.

Among the various apps, the most widespread are those that allow you to mark the hour of prayer and the correct direction of Mecca. One of them calls "Mezzaluna trips" and allows, once entered the data on the flight path, to advise when the five daily prayers must be completed, according to the correct orientation.

The apps built specifically for the period of Ramadan were very successful, able to help the faithful to respect all the times of the month of fasting, from prayers to the times in which to start and stop fasting. Among the most famous is "mDiabetes", which provides useful advice on how to deal with the period especially for those who are sick, and "Ramadan Bundle", which even has a section dedicated to recipes. To these app are added others exclusively of a religious nature such as "Ramadan Legacy", which includes an interactive plan that allows you to keep under control the prayers and the readings of the Koran. The application sends the user a daily notification of a new verse from the Qur'an and a prayer to be learned.

"AlQuran", on the other hand, allows the full reading of the Koran with translation and comments in 30 different languages; "Al Muslim" allows to plan good daily actions and advises what a good Muslim can do to help the community during Ramadan; "Instadeen" allows sharing photos and editing, with the ability to insert religious phrases accompanied by images, and to share everything on social networks. Finally, it is worth mentioning "Prayer Times: Qibla and Azan", which offers a precise timing of prayer times and the direction of Mecca in 251 countries of the world, thus being very useful for those who travel often.

The "Muslim Pro" app should also be reported, which provides its users with the animated compass that signals the direction of the Ka'ba, and then again "Ramadan Duas", which helps the faithful find special prayers for the holy month, or "Resala Ramadan", which explains to the Muslim faithful everything that is lawful and not during the holy month.

Islamic apps are the most downloaded, but there are also various applications that help the believer in other aspects of daily life such as food, clothing and leisure. This is the case of "Halal E-codes", which provides advice on ingredients and what is considered halal and haram; of "Muslim Mate", which indicates mosques, halal restaurants, butchers, bookshops, clothing stores, and a whole series of services in halal key; of "HalalTrip", an app handy for those who travel, or the "food and clothing in Islam" app, a free and much appreciated program, available on iTunes.

The youngest band of the Muslim population is the one most linked to the music world, which has app like "Islamic Music Ringtones", a collection of religious ringtones, many of which celebrate Islamic holidays such as Ramadan.

The halal market is growing at a rate of 15% a year, and is worth about $ 600 billion on an international scale. In this sense, the diffusion of the app can benefit the increase of the turnover, as well as to spread the specific and practical knowledge that the religious prescriptions require.