What is Io game?

What is Io game?

IO games brand new type of free online games that actively captures the internet.

Perhaps you've heard or played games like Agar.io, Slither.io,paper.io which are considered the best io games of their kind. What is the exclusive feature of games?

Io games are characterized by simple gameplay, in combination with the basic graphics and ease of use of basic controls. Most games of this genre use either a mouse or arrows on the keyboard, or WASD keys, or combined all together, or something one of all presented. All these management features are added to each game, and also, the user does not need to download anything to his computer, or install any plug-ins, all at once accessible directly in the browser window with a lightning fast download. Agar.io can be safely called the ancestor of the emergence of a similar genre of games.

Games were named because the earlier versions were used in the domain name .io extension. Developers used the new domain zone, as it provided a good opportunity to choose the perfect name for the game project. After acquiring a certain popularity of this domain zone, new development teams started by analogy to use io games by default in the domain extension, thus, populating this direction further.