How You Can Prepare Coffee Without A Brewing Machine

How You Can Prepare Coffee Without A Brewing Machine

A coffee lover can’t imagine their life without a coffee maker. It brews hot coffee in minutes.

A coffee lover can’t imagine their life without a coffee maker. It brews hot coffee in minutes and is very simple to use. But is it not possible to prepare a cup of hot coffee without a brewing machine? It turns out that you can! Coffee has been a beloved beverage for centuries, even before the discovery of this efficient machine. Whether you are on a trip without a brewing machine or your coffee maker has suddenly stopped working, you can still prepare your morning cup of joe in mentioned ways.

Cowboy method

Adventure lovers who happened to have been coffee lovers swear by the cowboy or stovetop method for preparing coffee while camping. The method requires coffee grounds, water, a pot, and a spoon.

Fill the pot with water. If you usually use 12 ounces, add a little more, perhaps up to 13 ounces, as you need to boil the water. Once the water starts to boil, add coffee grounds and stir it slowly. Add up to four tablespoons of coffee grounds for 12 ounces of water. Turn the heat off and cover the pan. Let coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the pot for a couple of minutes. Pour coffee into the cup and enjoy your cowboy-style beverage.

Instead of standard coffee grounds, you can also use coffee blends and add Mexican hot chocolate coffee creamer if you like the flavor of dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

Homemade filter coffee

Whether your coffee maker is not working or you run out of traditional coffee filters, you can prepare your favorite beverage at home with a homemade filter. A cloth or a mesh material works as a filter and strains the coffee grounds.

Boil water in a pot or a saucepan. Place your homemade coffee filter on the top of your mug and cover its opening. Use clips to secure it in its place. Spread coffee grounds evenly on the filter and pour hot water over it. It’s best to take a break for a few seconds while pouring to allow water to filter through the cloth.

You can enjoy your fresh coffee without a brewing machine once you are done. Although the process is time-consuming, it’s worth preparing coffee traditionally, before coffee filters and brewing machines became popular.

Coffee bags

Like tea bags, coffee grounds in a porous container steep in hot water and prepare a hot cup of coffee. The concept resembles K-cups or pods that prepare only a single cup. You can prepare coffee bags from stores or can prepare your own using coffee beans you prefer over standard coffee.

Take a porous bag and add two to four tablespoons of coffee grounds, depending on the amount of water you will add. Tie the bag with a string but ensure it’s not too tight as the grounds will release carbon dioxide and expand after coming in contact with hot water. Put the bag into your coffee mug and let the string hang over the edge. Add hot water and leave it for a few minutes, depending on how strong you want your coffee.

Mexican chocolate coffee K-cups are also excellent for preparing a single cup of flavored coffee. You can explore coffee brands online to buy quality coffee beans and K-cups.