How Bathroom Pods Mitigate Risks of Onsite Bathroom Construction

How Bathroom Pods Mitigate Risks of Onsite Bathroom Construction

Risk Management is a highly demanding responsibility, possibly one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors in construction.

Due to the strong correlation between safety incidents and defects, risk management through quality control and assurance processes is becoming evermore important in the current regulatory climate of Australia’s construction industry.

Construction professionals who’ve been in the game long enough have experienced the inevitable frustrations, inefficiencies, defects and delays that uninvitingly appear during onsite bathroom construction.

Traditional bathrooms are typically the most problematic area of construction, resulting in countless defects, costly rework and delays. Alarmingly, bathroom rework catalysed by defects is an alarmingly common trend in onsite bathroom construction on large scale developments.

On-site bathroom construction is one of the most complex components of any project. Typically demanding alignment upwards of 15 or more trade professionals to get the job done. Insert impeccable management, timing and strategic coordination of those trades and you are only half way there.

That’s excludes all the time spent negotiating contracts, managing material procurement and storage, waste disposal, design and specification adherence, site inspections, quality control, OH&S, cleaning, site security, and safety assurances.

Modular bathroom pods are revolutionising the industry by offering superior off-site fabrication processes managed in highly controlled environment. By consolidating entire bathroom builds to a single point of contact, the burden of risk management is alleviated to next to nothing.

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