Ignite the Delicious Sensation of Summer Memories Anytime You Want!

Ignite the Delicious Sensation of Summer Memories Anytime You Want!

You’re excited! You feel love, happiness, the warm sunshine, fresh air, the smell of delicious food with friends and want this moment again!

Bring back those Special Moments

In life, we all have those special moments that we want to hold on to and capture, those feelings and sensations, that bring out positive emotions within us, especially on days when things seem a bit grey and out of control.

Have you ever walked along the beach on a sunny day with your toes curling in the hot sand as the sun lit up the bright blue water of the sea? Do you hear the sound of the waves rolling in and out and feel the cool, fresh, clear water touching the tips of your toes and how invigorating it makes you feel? Can you imagine swinging in the hammock between the exquisite palm trees as you sip on a delicious coconut lime banana beverage. Oh that little umbrella in the drink simply sets the mood! In this moment you are far away from the hustle and bustle of ‘life’ and you say, “I could stay in the moment forever”!

Inspired Outcomes teaches you how to capture those memories any time you need or want to, and live an inspired life!

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Capture those Memories

Through a system known as anchoring, they use visualization, audio, and remembering the feelings of all the sensations in that moment, the colours, smells, laughter, and pure joy so strongly that it’s like framing it in a picture that you can access whenever you want.

When you anchor these memories with the assistance of Inspired Outcomes NLP Coaches, you can trigger them and clear away any negative emotions as you recall the delicious sensation of summer memories any time of the year.

If you want to experience yourself at your best and live inspired, NLP will help.

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Live Inspired


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