A Healing Journey with Mark Auger

A Healing Journey with Mark Auger

The story of healing cancer through the power of positive thought, connection to a higher consciousness, and community support through prayer.

Power of the Mind

This is the journey of Mark Auger, diagnosed with terminal cancer in stage 4. It is a story of surrender and trusting. It is a story of believing in your intentions so strongly, there is no wavering.

In the beginning, Mark didn’t know how it would work but began a serenity prayer that woke up his consciousness. Mark told himself, “I’m doing this- whatever I need to do.” and prayed that the doors would open and he would know how to move forward.

He began to understand the power of shifting your thoughts to a positive place through affirmations, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and repetition daily; so the negative fear based thoughts would fall away.

Inspired Outcomes

A Healing Journey


It is time to shift the cancer paradigm and realize that cancer is NOT a death threat,” says Mark, and that is why he shares his cancer journey in a new documentary called...


Mark shares the changes in every aspect of his life and the people who were a part of his healing process.

June 16th at Inspired Outcomes, Guelph Ontario

Come out and hear this powerful story of endless possibilities, for the screening of the documentary MARKEDLY, at the Night of Ideas with Mark Auger hosted by Inspired Outcomes of Guelph Ontario

  • Saturday, June 16th
  • 7 pm to 9 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
  • Ticket $20.00
  • Location: 834 Gordon Street, Guelph, Ontario

Buy tickets online at Eventbrite or contact Inspired Outcomes.

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