Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

Use Language to be clearly understood and get your message through! In Work, In Family, in Relationships and Life

Have you ever met someone who desperately needs your product or service, but whom you just couldn’t find the words to connect them to the value? Have you ever witnessed someone who could inspire people into action with nothing more than their words?

We all have two minds – the conscious and unconscious (or subconscious as you may know it) minds. We are largely driven by behavioural triggers and mental processes that we don’t even know we have, because they are going on in your unconscious mind. You can imagine how this works because you know that you yourself have often said things, made decisions or even acted in ways you couldn’t later explain! It’s as if an unconscious part of you was in control in those moments! Indeed!

Feeling motivated and taking action are unconscious ‘programs’ that are running in the background of your mind, away from your carefully filtered conscious control.

Imagine now, if you had the ability to connect with your prospective client’s unconscious mind and easily and effortlessly communicate the value of your service in a way that would cause them to recognize that value and buy your product or service.

Imagine that you could do it because the simple trigger words you use when speaking or writing to them, activate deep, positive “reflexes” in their brains. All of this is possible, because there are certain words that allow us to accept ideas and concepts that could benefit us more naturally and easily.

Imagine if you had three power words, triggers, (there are more!) that multiplied your results because they access deep positive reflexes in a person's unconscious mind!

But first, a word on what Hypnosis is and what it most definitely isn’t:

Hypnosis is simply a way of relaxing the conscious mind so that the unconscious is more active than the conscious.

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

Hypnosis is NOT a tool used for manipulation by people trying to control your mind and make you do things you don’t want to do! Anyone using it for that purpose will be sorely disappointed – It is instead, a scientific way of using language to go beyond logic and penetrate the more symbolic and more ‘emotional’ deeper region of the brain where messages are able to resonate in a place closer to where our behaviours are rooted.

Hypnosis, under no conditions, can force a person to say or do or buy or believe something that they don’t ‘want’ to. That being said, it can certainly help to persuade someone to open up to the possibilities of an idea that they might more readily object to if their logical, thinking mind was in singularly charge.

The Big Secret ...

the unconscious mind – the one more deeply embedded in you – has your best interest in mind at all times, and actually knows BETTER than your conscious mind, how to get past resistance (fear) and change your behaviour to better serve you!

Few marketers have more than a common knowledge about hypnosis. That’s a pity, because hypnosis is a very powerful mindset tool—and marketing, of course, is all about mindset. Okay, I’m glad we cleared that up. Let’s get into these three “power words” shall we because you will be amazed?

One of the Most Powerful Words is hypnotic & quite common! However, because its power is not well understood, it isn’t used to its full advantage!

“Imagine!” Why it’s Hypnotic ...

There are two reasons why this word is so powerful: first,  if you ask someone to do something—especially to buy something—they tend to balk. Their natural reaction is to question and to find a reason to disagree with it. The critical mind throws up objections.

What’s interesting, though, is this doesn’t happen if you just ask someone to imagine something. Especially if you ask them to imagine the outcome of the sale, rather than making the purchase itself. There’s no resistance to that.

This is because we don’t see imagining as a “real” task. It’s just a mind-game. Indeed, an innocent game; a distraction from reality even.

When your client imagines something, you bypass that critical part that throws up objections, and “sneak in” to their mind through the back door of their imagination.

The next step is to stimulate the unconscious mind. That is exactly what imagining does. Believe it or not, the brain literally cannot tell the difference between imagining and actually experiencing reality. As far as your brain is concerned, there’s no difference between visualizing the completed project, and seeing the completed project.

This makes your clients or students imagination a powerful ally to you. Remember—the fear of loss is far stronger than the desire for gain. So if you can get someone to feel a sense of ownership for your offering, you invoke a much stronger desire than by merely telling about or even showing the results. When done with some skill, guiding a person to imagine themselves owning the results will cause them to feel as if they already have it - as if they already own the benefits. And the desire to keep it then will more often lead to the decision to purchase the product or buy into the idea or result!

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

This sense of ownership over what we imagine is surprisingly deep-seated.

Just as it should be. When we are young, all of our knowledge and understanding of the world starts in our imaginations. Children are highly possessive of their make-believe creations and characters and ideas. It doesn't make sense to force them to believe that what they experience as real, isn't. And although as grown ups, we often manage to conceal affection for our imaginations and dreams and fantasies under a facade of practical and logical living, the same effect still governs our behavior at the unconscious level.

Because you got this far ...

the next two words are 'because' and 'you'. While 'imagine' opens up the unconscious, 'you' personalizes and connects a person to what they are imagining a far greater level.

'Because' implies or presupposes importance or significance. A study of people waiting in a queue for a photo copier revealed that by using 'because' in the reason for wanting to move to the head of the queue, increased their success.

So just imagine for a moment, that you have mastered the use of power words, because that means you are creating far greater results!

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

The incredible usefulness of hypnotic language isn’t just for advertising and marketing in the traditional sense.  We are all advertising and marketing - to our kids to eat their vegetables, to get dressed more quickly for baseball practice, to our siblings to be more considerate to one another, to our bosses to give us raises, to our communities to contribute more to what makes us stronger….the list goes on.

Because you care about yourself and others well being you are always selling! Learning to use language like this is your opportunity to get your messages heard more often and your intentions put into action!

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