I Know a Guy

I Know a Guy

4 words you want associated with your name. You want to be top of mind when someone needs an expert in your area of business.

Four words you definitely, without a doubt want associated with your name.

You want to be the guy. Or the gal.

When someone needs your product, your service or the very best advice or information about your area of business your name needs to come up first.

Let’s say right now you need something. It’s something you haven’t bought or used before so you don’t already “have a guy”. You’re looking for the right person to fill your need.

I guarantee you are going to do two things:

1. You are going to enter some search words into your phone or computer and Google it.

2. At the same time you’re going to ask people you trust who they’d call.

With both actions, online and in-person, your goal is to find someone who is known. Someone who rises to the top. You’re looking for a shortlist of business professionals or businesses that are top of mind with the people you ask. The people who are trusted as experts in their area of business; the people who Google puts on page one of your search.

Let’s talk about how online rankings determine the first impression of online searchers. Quite simply, a page one ranking puts you squarely in the expert category. This is a good thing. Being ranked well by Google means, in its simplest terms, that you’re one of Google’s guys. A pretty nice place to be.

Let’s not forget about real people and getting to be top of their mind. Your goal is to be “the guy” to as many people as possible. Expand your network so more and more people consider you an expert they trust and recommend. Put yourself in the position to be seen and remembered as an expert as often as possible through as many channels as possible.

At the end of the day whether someone asks Google or the guy next door who he would recommend he’s actually asking: Who can I trust?

As an entrepreneur I’m hoping the wheels are turning in your head and you’re thinking “How do I get to be the guy? How do I get known as the expert I am?

Knowing how to lift yourself above your competitors and grab the golden ring of expert status takes a clear plan and courage. Every marketing move you make needs to support your expert status and strengthen it. Be consistent in your messaging and actively seek opportunities to demonstrate your expert status. When you write, write as an expert. When your local radio or newspaper needs the point of view on a matter in your field, be the first person they think of. Meet people and then meet some more.

Being well known as an expert and someone who is trusted should be one of the first goals of your marketing strategy. Simply beginning to be aware of the power and importance of your personal brand is a great first step.

Common Sense Bottom Line: When your prospect asks Google or a person they trust who they recommend you need to be the guy who gets the tap.

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