Medicine Thats Available To Rural Communities

Medicine Thats Available To Rural Communities

What do small towns need to know about medicine?

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What Are Rural Communities

The word rural has the same meaning has the word country. So when people state that someone lives in a rural community what they are saying is that the person actually lives in a country setting like a farm. When individuals live in rural communities they are sometimes far from basic necessities such as grocery stores, dentists, and hospitals. The reason why is because most rural communities are found outside of the city limits. There are a few locally owned businesses in rural communities such as small gas stations and convenience stores, there may be a small urgent care in the area, and some type of farm supply store. Rural communities can vary in their appearance and maybe grasslands, deserts, plains, and forests. The 2000 United States census estimated that there are approximately 59 million people living in rural communities.

Medications That Are Offered In Rural Communities

A lot of the population in rural communities are older individuals. These individuals can experience an array of different health issues. The most common health issues that is experienced by the older population both in rural communities and not in rural communities are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and arthritis. When treating diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes the individual may have to go into the city limits because they would have to be followed closely by physician. There are ways that arthritis can be treated with over-the-counter creams. One of the most popular arthritic creams that can be found in any rule community is called heal-n-soothe. The local pharmacist in the community can educate the individual on how to take heal-n-soothe correctly.

There are some challenges that individuals in rural communities may face when trying to get their prescription medications, especially the elderly. They may not have grandkids or kids who can assist them with online ordering of medication refills or telephone reordering of medication refills. This is why urgent cares and local pharmacies are very important to the rural community. The ability for individuals especially the elderly has much improved when it comes to them getting their medications. There is a local hospital or urgent care that can prescribe emergency medications if a patient is out and waiting on a mail order to arrive. Especially in the case of high blood pressure medication or diabetes medication. Most local pharmacies are growing in the rural areas because they are now partaking in technology to keep their pharmacy thriving. The local pharmacies are currently now doing mail order pharmacy, telephone order pharmacy, and remote pharmacy practices. These practices are extremely important because it can reach a customer that is immobile or has difficulty driving because of vision problems.

The old ways of doing things was not very beneficial to rural area pharmacies they were slowly going out of business because of various reasons. The main reason was because they were not getting enough customers and filling enough prescriptions. But since the rural area pharmacies have become more open to the use of technology and implemented different business plans they are staying in business, helping the community, and thriving. The reason why is because with the usage of mail order pharmacy, telephone order pharmacy, and remote pharmacy gives them reach two other small towns who do not have a pharmacy near and now they have gained new customers.