Tips To Help Prevent Soreness After Horse Riding

Tips To Help Prevent Soreness After Horse Riding

Learn Tips to Prevent Soreness

Horseback riding can be a fun and relaxing time. However for anyone who has ever ridden a horse before they know it does come with some soreness and pain afterwards. Below are a few tips to help prevent and heal soreness after horseback riding.


One of the key things to remember before horse riding or doing any kind of physical activity is to stretch your muscles first. Stretching helps to limber muscles up and prepare them for work. Try doing 15 minutes or so of light stretching before riding the horse and another 15 minutes or so of stretching after riding on the horse. This can help to keep muscles and joints limber and moving freely.

Wear The Right Clothing

Wearing heavy bulky material can often cause irritation while riding. Instead opt for clothes with more stretch such as leggings. Not only are they more comfortable to ride in but they will also be more comfortable rubbing against the horse.

Check Position

One of the key reasons why most horseback riders end up with sore legs is because they are riding in the wrong position. Always ensure you are sitting correctly on the horse and legs are not swinging. When you sit incorrectly it causes strain and pain in the calves as well as the knees.

Use The Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is very important when horseback riding. Not only does it allow for a safer smoother time for the rider but it also allows for a smoother and safer ride for the horse. Using equipment such as stirrups, buckles and saddles will offer the best experience.

Heating Pad

After horseback riding using a heating pad is a great way to help relax your muscles. Heating pads help to draw blood to the area causing sore and tight muscles to relax.

Ice Packs

Much like heat ice is a great pain relief for sore muscles especially from horseback riding. Ice helps to reduce blood flow to a particular area which can help to soothe the joints and tendons.


Sometimes the pain is too much or too annoying to deal with and taking an anti-inflammatory seems like the best option. Using Tylenol or heal-n-soothe is a quick and simple solution. For those wondering how to take heal-n-soothe, just swallow one recommended dosage everyday with a glass of water which helps to soothe muscle and joint discomfort.

Hot Bath

Many underestimate the healing powers of taking a hot bath. A hot bath can help to reduce and eliminate muscle and joint pain. Hot baths can also help relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation which can reduce soreness and stiffness from horseback riding.

Overall there are many different things you can do to help heal and prevent soreness after horseback riding. Always be sure to use the right equipment, dress correctly and follow all the correct rules and guidelines.