4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Daughter Healthier At School

4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Daughter Healthier At School

Trying to keep your daughter healthy at school can sometimes seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. However there are many things you can do to not only keep her healthier at school but also safer and happier. Below are just a few simple things to keep in mind that may help keep your daughter healthier at school.

Eating Correctly

Not many people realize the importance of eating healthy. Not only is it good for your body but it is also nourishing for your mind. Food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains are known to help boost your brain as well as your memory. Packing healthy snacks such as blueberries or walnuts not only help them physically but also mentally. Healthy snacks such as fruit also offer a bit of sugar without the added calories and unnecessary ingredients that can be found in candies, cakes and other snack foods.

Dress Accordingly

Dressing accordingly for school can not only help keep your child safer but also more comfortable during the day. If your child dressed in their own clothes for school ensure they are wearing clean loose fitting clothes that they can easily move around in and feel comfortable in. Give them shorts on hot days, long pants on cold days and so on. If your daughter wears girls school uniforms every day be sure to keep them clean and wrinkle-free.


One of the most important ways to know if your daughter is healthy at school is to communicate. Communicate with your daughter as well as her friends, teachers, principal and even the school nurse if necessary. It is amazing what parents can find out by simply communicating with their children.

Get Adequate Sleep

Not enough people realize the importance that good sleep has on your mind and body. Not only does lack of sleep affect you physically but it can also affect you mentally. Not getting enough sleep can fog your brain and cause a delay in thinking and reacting. It can also cause your body to be tired and rundown. For the best results try to ensure adequate sleep every single night. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person but a typical rule is that most school aged children should get anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of sleep every single night. To set good sleeping habits ensure that children go to bed at the same time every night and try to wake up at the same time every day.

Get the Right Car

Once your daughter is old enough to drive responsibly, it is important you decide together on the right car. The car should be safe, affordable, and have enough features to retain resale value. Many people just buy their daughter the junkiest car they can find on Craigslist, or they hand down an old car that is barely running. While this might be financially feasible, it may not be the safest option. I would suggest purchasing a newer car with all the best safety features. It doesn’t have to have the best engine, or the nicest interior, but as long as it is safe that is sufficient. Also it will help you get cheap car insurance, so you don’t have added expenses each month for an insanely large insurance cost.

These are just a few of the simple things you can do to help keep your daughter safer and healthier while at school. Some other key factors include regular check-ups, being active everyday and ensuring things like homework and extracurricular reading get done. Also keep in mind kids need social interaction as well as setting up playdates and other fun activities also help.