Why coast cities should educate their youth more in marine biology

Why coast cities should educate their youth more in marine biology

Coastal towns and cities must teach their youth about marine biology, how to respect it, and how to help. Without our oceans, we are lost.

There's a lot of shared experiences within most people's lives. These are the sorts of things that typically show up on matter where one might be. But ironically, one of the more common shared experiences regards overlooking what we have. We just tend to forget about some of the amazing opportunities we might have.

Different types of nature

Most of us are quite familiar with a general call to explore the natural world. It's even fairly common for public service announcements to focus on that general idea. However, this message usually ends up paired with suggestions about how to do so. And this is where a lot of the confusion comes in.

People usually talk about nature in the sense of trees and forests. And in doing so they can forget that people in coastal areas have a lot more options. The sea has just as many natural wonders as the forest. And there's some added advantages for people on the coast.

Learning about your natural resources

One of the more interesting things about living near the coast comes from how much one can learn. There's some amazing forms of life out there. The frontiers of outer space might have mystery. And we all like to think about alien life out amid the stars. But we actually have some pretty alien intelligence right here in our oceans.

Take the common octopus for example. On first glance it's just another familiar form of sea life. But the more you look into them, the more remarkable they become. And you quickly discover just how amazingly smart they are.

And this is a continuing theme with most forms of sea-life. To be sure, this doesn't always focus on intelligence. But there's almost always something amazing to learn when you really study the sea. The treasures out there are far more amazing then legends of pirate gold. And when you live on the coast you can simply walk right out to take a look at them.

The job market

Finally, something should be said about the job market. When people grow up along the coast they tend to forget how much of a lure it is. But coastal regions are fairly rare in the greater scheme of things. This means that there's a tremendous economic value to be found when one has some expertise in that area.

There's quite a few marine biology internships which can go on to become immensely rewarding for people. And this is true in both a personal and monetary sense. It's a rare job that can make someone both happy and financially stable. But a job where you're enjoying the world and helping others do the same tends to help one along that path.

Where to go from here

This all makes for a compelling argument. If you're young, but old enough to take some control of your life than there's nothing stopping you from going out and buying a raft. From there you can really get out into the sea and start investigating things. But even if you're too young for that you can still begin to take some control of things.

Picking up some books is a great start for almost anyone. And swimming might not get you too far out into the open waters. But it's still building up an interest and some skills to help you enjoy the water.