2019’s Major Threats to Your Health

2019’s Major Threats to Your Health

The top threats to your health in 2019

As times change, the circumstances around us change as well. Some things change in a beneficial way, while other instances may change in a negative way. More specifically, some factors that change around us can threaten our health. But not many people are aware of these threats, so it’s important that you are educated about these uncommon threats in order to prevent them from affecting you. Here are the top 3 threats to your health in 2019.


Pests are defined as any type of animal or insect species that is capable of destroying your home’s construction, the things inside of your home, the food in your home, and the flowers and plants in the garden outside of your home. The most common examples of pests are flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, and mice.

Most people are already aware that pests can severely impact the conditions of your home as well as your belongings inside of your home, but they are unaware of the impact that pests can have on their health. For instance:

Flies negatively affect your hygiene and can carry diseases.

Bed bugs cause allergic reactions.

Cockroaches spread their dead skin and droppings, causing airborne allergies.

Fleas have the capability of spreading bacteria.

Mosquitoes carry and spread viruses, and can even be deadly.

Mice have the ability to spread a variety of diseases when their feces accumulate.

In addition to all of this, pests have the capability of multiplying quickly, which is problematic because they are difficult to get rid of. But there are various pest control companies that have the ability to improve your situation, such as a pest control company in St. Louis.

Cell Phones

In 2019, you’re exposed to cell phones almost everywhere you go, whether it’s in your home, out in public, or at your family members’ houses. Regardless of where you are, exposure to cell phones poses some health threats.

Cell phones are defined as devices that have connection to a cellular radio system without being physically connected to the system. Not only this, but cell phones are responsible for releasing low amounts of radiofrequency energy. This is problematic because high levels of radiofrequency energy can cause various amounts of health problems, including malignant brain cancer as well as other tumors and cancers.

Although cell phones only give off low levels of radiofrequency energy and high levels affect your health, exposing yourself to cell phones everyday for long periods of time and for several years will eventually cause health effects. As modern-day technology keeps advancing and especially in 2019, the risk of using your cell phone everyday and continuously exposing yourself to radiofrequency energy can have negative impacts on your health.

Climate Change

Climate change is classified as a change in the climate patterns of the world as well as particular regions on the globe. It’s a controversial phenomenon regarding whether humans are worsening its effects or not, but there’s no doubt that climates are physically changing.

Depending on your certain location, not everyone will be equally affected by climate change. But changing climates are affecting the planet that we all live on. As temperatures in certain climates are rising, so is the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the globe. And this causes sea levels to rise and the amount of land on the Earth to decrease.

Aside from these physical changes to Earth that climate change causes, it also has the ability to increase respiratory and cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, climate change also has the ability to increase the occurrence of injuries from extreme weather.

Overall, pests, cell phones, and climate change all have the ability to negatively affect your health every year. But in 2019, these circumstances are affecting everyone’s health at an increased rate. Although all of these circumstances cannot exactly be cured altogether, simply being educated about their nature and their effects can dramatically decrease the negative effects that they can have on your health.