5 Challenging Issues For Event Planners

5 Challenging Issues For Event Planners

Event planners live with and manage an incredible amount of stress every day. Here are some of their common causes of stress.

The expectations for event planners is higher than ever. These expectations exist even though event planners are not always provided the resources they need to complete these goals. This set of circumstances can cause many headaches for event planners. The following are some of their more common stresses.

Inadequate Budget

Every event planner has experienced a customer that wants a world-class event without spending any money for world-class accommodations. And even clients with realistic intentions are sometimes not aware that they should over-budget just a bit to assure the event they envision.

Skilled event planners will develop ways to steer clients towards themes and venues that both fit their needs and is within their budget. You should be upfront with clients and the vendors you contract regarding budgets and expectations. The go-to vendors you have worked with in the past will often provide special packages to accommodate your needs.

The Right Venue

Clients will not always have the extensive knowledge of venues that an event planner possesses. To make matters worse, it is very difficult to convince a client that a venue they have in mind is not a good choice.

The best advice is to thoroughly research the venue presented to you by your client. You should then make a physical visit to any site that you think may be a viable option for the event.

It may also be a good idea to visit possible venues with your client to assure the venue capabilities measure up to the vision the client has for the event. Remember, you should seek to satisfy the desires of your client but assure no decisions are made that will prove destructive to the event.

Challenges With Technology

Some event organizers struggle to keep up with recent technological advances. This is true whether talking about the latest trends in aesthetics or using free event flyer templates.

An event management software is a great way to assure you stay on top of every aspect of your event. This software can be used to manage multiple events at once and measure the performance of each of the events individually.

The world of technology is constantly changing at break-neck speed. This change is unavoidable and it is necessary to stay ahead of the curve to not lose ground to the competition.

Rising Costs

A number of problems can arise when costs increase while the event is being planned. These situations can sometimes seem like insurmountable challenges.

Price rises are constant in every industry. And while your client will tell you he knows someone that rented a venue for a certain price two years ago, it is quite likely the price today will be different.

The following measures will guard against the effects of unexpected price changes:

Estimate Costs as late in the process as possible.

Require vendors to provide written price quotes.

Establish an agreement with vendors concerning how long a quote is applicable.

Give yourself a backup plan when possible.

Be upfront with clients and vendors from the beginning regarding possible price fluctuations.

Pulling It All Together

Event planners know that turning the vision given to them by a client into a memorable event is not nearly as simple as it may seem. Whether the event is a huge corporate gathering or private celebration, the event planner's goal is to produce an event with wow factor.

It is important to set yourself apart from the competition with events that set attendees abuzz. To do so, you will need to learn common industry practices but also be willing to think outside of the box.

The Bottom Line

The job of an event planner can sometimes be filled with challenges. But the event planner that figures out the five challenges mentioned above is well on their way to an excellent career in the industry.