Why Having Good Posture Is So Important

Why Having Good Posture Is So Important

Knowing why posture is important and how to improve your posture can drive one to work hard in order to maintain it.

There's an undeniable appeal to someone with good posture. People seem to have an almost instinctive understanding that good posture is a positive trait. However, one should always have a solid understanding of issues related to health. It's important to understand why proper posture is important if one is working toward that goal. Likewise knowing why posture is important and how to improve your posture can drive one to work hard in order to maintain it.

How Posture Relates to Pain

Posture has an often surprising role in pain management. Most people aren't aware of how common chronic pain actually is. At the moment an estimated 50 million people in the US suffer from chronic pain. And those numbers are fairly constant throughout the developed world. But why are these numbers so high?

Lifestyle related choices are one of the most common reasons for chronic pain. It's often hard to see common links between people suffering from chronic pain. What one typically doesn't see is the actual causal factor though. It's incredibly common for people to spend far too little time with a proper upright posture. Consider what would happen if one held his arm at a difficult angle every day for nine hours or more. It wouldn't take very long before every movement of that arm brought about some additional pain. This is quite similar to how poor posture causes pain with every movement. This is actually good news though. It means that anyone wondering about how to improve posture is also wondering about how to prevent or even treat chronic pain.

How Improved Posture Can Treat Pain

Treating or preventing chronic pain with better posture is easier than one might imagine. Researchers have found that even basic postural awareness is enough to help ease pain. Basically, simply taking note of one's posture throughout the day will lead to increased corrections for bad posture. Over time this will turn into an unconscious correction for bad posture.

Of course things aren't always this easy. People will often need to do more than correct bad habits in order to develop good posture. In these cases people need to work on corrections for their bad posture alongside techniques to cultivate good posture.

Cultivating Good Posture

Removing bad habits and cultivating posture awareness is a good beginning. But where should someone go from there? Physical exercises which involve balance are one of the best methods of improving posture. These exercises usually demand postural awareness. As such, one can develop awareness simply by working through an exercise routine. What's more, some exercises such as stances, also increase other aspects of one's health.

It's also important to avoid bad posture in one's everyday life. For example, anyone with a desk job should make a point of getting up to have a quick walk every now and then. It doesn't have to be a lengthy stroll or the like. One simply needs to spend some time ensuring that his or her spinal flexibility is maintained.

Long Term Benefits of Putting Everything Into Practice

When taken together all of this will create some impressive results. However, it's important to remember that none of this is a quick fix. Most people have spent years or even decades hurting their posture. It won't take nearly that long to improve one's posture. At the same time it's not going to happen overnight. But the benefits of improved posture are worth pursuing.